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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ohio State coach Kerry Coombs blasts kicker for taking water break (Video)

Kerry-Coombs-Ohio-StateIt may feel like Alabama just finished mopping the floor with Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship game, but spring football has already arrived. That means players are shaking off the dust from the short offseason and getting back to conditioning, and coaches are already pissed off.

Earlier this week, Ohio State fan site Eleven Warriors shared a priceless video of a man who they have identified as Buckeyes special teams coordinator Kerry Coombs lambasting a kicker during stretching drills. The unidentified kicker had apparently stopped for a water break, which infuriated Coombs because, well, he’s a kicker.

“What do you need water for, Sunshine?” Coombs screamed at the player. “We’re stretching! And you’re a kicker! Are you tired from stretching?!”

If you feel bad for the kicker after watching the video, you have probably never played competitive sports. These are the reasons video cameras are rarely allowed inside a team’s practice facility. Coombs’ outburst was hilarious and probably a lot more mellow than most coaches. Now that the video is going viral, the Buckeyes players have a duty to make sure that kicker is referred to as “Sunshine” for the remainder of the season.

H/T Lost Lettermen

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