Ben Revere celebrates Black History Month with chicken and waffles chips

Ben Revere chicken and waffles

Ben Revere decided to celebrate Black History Month the way any reasonable person would: by buying some chicken and waffles flavored chips.

The Philadelphia Phillies outfielder appeared to be shopping at a store Tuesday when he tweeted a picture of the new flavor of Lay’s chips. He asked if he should try them and, in his next tweet, he suggested fellow African-American ballplayer Denard Span grab a bag.

There’s nothing quite like celebrating February’s Black History Month with a stereotype about African-American eating preferences. At least this wasn’t as bad as Michael and Martellus Bennett’s Black Olympics video.

Revere better give his Twitter followers a review of the chips. They’re one of three finalists for the newest Lay’s flavor, competing with cheesy garlic bread and sriracha.

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