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Monday, June 25, 2018

Bob Costas raps Ludacris lyrics (Video)

Bob-Costas-LudacrisIf anyone ever tells you Bob Costas has no game, you tell them they’re wrong. You tell them they are so, so wrong. Costas is usually the man who handles all of the most serious issues in sports and does so with grace and professionalism, but the return of the MLB season had him in a unique mood on Tuesday.

When discussing Robinson Cano’s decision to sign with Jay-Z’s agency, MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds asked Costas who his favorite rapper is. The exchange that took place after that was solid gold.

“I have got to give props to Ludacris,” Costas said. “Although he’s not the only one, I think he was the first one to name check me. I believe it went something like this — and for you youngsters out there we’re not encouraging this behavior. This is just a lyric and I’m just quoting it and it’s Ludacris talking about himself.”

Then came then unimaginable.

“I be rollin’ torpedoes, get blunted with rastas,” Costas rapped in hilarious fashion. “For a hefty fee I’m on your record, like Bob Costas.”

For those of you who don’t know, the song that mentions Costas is “Chicken and Beer.” I don’t know if he was adjusting his ear pierce or motioning like he had a blunt tucked behind his ear, but I’m going to assume the latter for my own entertainment. Costas then said he was so flattered by the shout-out from Ludacris that he could die a happy man today.

“It was at that point where I said to myself, ‘If I step off a curb right now and get hit by a bus I’ve lived a full life. It’s all good,'” he said.

After watching this clip, I feel the exact same way.

H/T Twitter/Drew Silva

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