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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bull Gores Matador Juan Jose Padilla in the Face, Horn Pops Eye Out (Video)

Look, if there are people in Spain who are going to stand in a ring and play chicken with raging bulls in the name of machismo and entertainment, then we won’t shy away from showing you the nasty injuries they suffer. I thought it was bad last year when a matador was gored and the bull’s horn went through his chin and out his mouth. That was extreme. This may be worse.

As Deadspin shares with us, matador Juan Jose Padilla fell down in the ring and was gored by a bull in the face Friday in Spain. The horn entered beneath his ear, and appeared to exit nearby his eye socket. At one point, it appeared as if his eye popped out of his socket.

Padilla is said to have a broken left cheekbone, and doctors reportedly are trying to save his eye.

Here is a video of the incident, and as you could imagine, it’s pretty gross. Warning: below the video, there is a picture of the matador’s eye out of the socket. That one is disturbingly graphic.

If we’re such an advanced species, why are challenging 1,500 pound beasts in hand-to-hand combat? Wise up, Spain.

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