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Monday, June 18, 2018

Drew Brees clears up tip controversy


New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees should not have to take time out of his busy training camp schedule to explain how he spends his money, but he obviously cares about his image. Earlier this week, gossip site The Dirty posted the photo you see above above of a dinner receipt that allegedly belonged to Brees. As you can see, he left a $3.00 tip on a $74.41 bill.

Of course, no one attempted to get the entire story. Have you ever called in an order for a bunch of pizzas or something and gone and picked them up yourself? For those who are unfamiliar with that concept, it’s called takeout. And since you don’t really have a server for a takeout order, there’s generally no need to tip anywhere close to 20%.

In fact, most people don’t tip at all when ordering takeout. What Brees tips is really nobody’s business, but you can understand why he wanted to clarify. The picture of the receipt without context made him look like an a-hole (or “cheap bastard” as The Dirty phrased it), and we know how much the internet loves when millionaires don’t tip well. Now, back to football.

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