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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

LSU Basketball Likes Big Packages

Copy editors are like the unsung heroes of the newspaper world. The Pippen to the Jordan, the Drysdale to the Koufax, the Jarri Kurri to the Gretzky. They don’t have the big superstar name, but they’ve held up well in their own right and contributed to the team’s success in large ways. Largely unheralded and doing most of the dirty work, the copy editor goes unnoticed. But there are those rare instances where the copy editor gets his day in the sun — the chance to hit that game winning shot or score the overtime goal. And when the copy editor knocks it out of the park, we sure do appreciate it. This week in the LSU Daily Reville, it was time for an editor to shine:

Not quite as good as the Cocks getting jacked, or the ladies getting jacked off, but still had me laughing out loud. Credit JS with the Daniel Hackett-like assist on the play.

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