And Now for Playboy Playmates Tebowing, Because Why Not? (Pictures)

Just when we thought Tebowmania may be getting out of hand, and the whole Tebowing thing was becoming overplayed, a particular collection of women rescued the phenomenon.  Being from Boston, I am a diehard Patriots fan.  With an extremely important match-up between the Pats and Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos looming, it would take something drastic for me to become a Tebow fan or even warm up to the idea of people talking about him around the clock.

I’ll admit I was impressed when the word Tebowing became recognized as an official part of the English language, but it still wasn’t enough.  None of the Tebowing instances I have seen to this point such as this one, this one, or this one have been able to overwhelm me.  After taking a look at the pictures that Buzzfeed shared on Thursday, I’m officially intrigued.  Check out these fantastic pictures of Playboy Playmates Tebowing and keep this fun question in mind: Is Tebowing to the left or Tebowing to the right hotter?


Special thanks to SI Hot Clicks for sharing the fabulous photos with us

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  • Anonymous

    What’s the matter Johnny? Your spic mamma couldn’t remember the name of the guy who she turned the trick with to have you so she figured John would do?

  • Anonymous


  • Gerald Sain

    I’m not makin fun of him…Tebowing is good, I have done it several times myself sence day one…It is good to see this in our young people, not ashamed to show concern of his beleifs and   faith…You should show respect, not dis-respect…

  • Kenneth Michael

    Personally, I don’t think religion, any religion, belongs in football. Tebowing, appears to me, nothing more than propaganda for a specific religion.

    Now, I wonder how everyone would react if a Muslim player turned towards Mecca and prostrated every time he scored?

    I bet, everyone would be crying terrorist and booing him off the field.

    Personally, I don’t want my kids growing up thinking any religious system is “cool.” Instead, I want my children to grow up ascribing to higher principles than what religion espouses.

  • Kenneth Michael

    Yes, so goes the story after centuries of trying to figure out what story had the best propaganda effect. It amounts to nothing less than old-fashioned marketing.

  • Kenneth Michael

    I am a father as well, and no, I do not think that Tim Tebow is a great role model. He pushes an intolerant belief system on others. I can think of a dozen players off the top of my head that serve as far better role models than Tim Tebow ever will. Religion always boils down to one thing “I am right and the rest of the world is wrong.”

    Unfortunately, religions are usually wrong about everything, despite abundant evidence to the contrary.

  • Kenneth Michael

    Jesus didn’t save anyone; if anything, he put a lot of lives at stake by acting foolishly, rather than acting in a way that could have rallied the people again their oppressors.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y2JSHUUNNBKXQ67YLFAFQDA4PI FatBob

    As a former “Pagen”  I can’t believe those who claim to follow Christ,
    would henpeck “bit and devour” oneanother over this foolishness!

    The children of this world are ‘wiser” than those of light. This this not mean
    Smart! But the action of Mr. Tebo will cause humiliation by those who are LOST!!!
    They hated JESUS and they will hate YOU! This is the price.. of a folllwer.
    Will you cave in to the world? YOU  ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH, to
    make those who are void, and empty thirsty. I’ll bet if they had a conversation
    with Mr. Tebo…especially the playmates::  thye might have a change of LIFE!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone get upset over Tim Tebow saying a short prayer on one knee. Do they get upset when a baseball player crosses himself when he goes to bat? Do they get upset when a player points his fingers skyward to say thank you to his God after hitting a home run? How do they feel about some of the ridiculous antics football players concocted after scoring a touchdown? Folks, get a life, and let Tim do his thing!

  • Anonymous

    Very sad you see it that way Ken…really is. Tim never pushed anything…he humb is humble and even in defeat, praised the Lord. Being a Born Again Christian isn’t

  • Anonymous

    One doesn’t have ‘faith in their religion”.  One has faith in Christ Jesus and the Father in Heaven.  “Religion” is a dead set of do’s and don’ts.  That is empty and powerless.  Faith must be placed in the person of God, and Jesus Christ His Son.  Therein is life eternal  I pray you find true faith in Jesus!

  • Anonymous

    Not gonna happen Bob!  Jesus Christ is returning soon and is giving even idolatrous football fans a chance to know Him.  Everywhere you turn you’ll be hearing about Him.  Sorry Bob.  You’ll have to get used to it!  :-)

  • Anonymous

    Oh Kenneth, Kenneth……….Tim is not pushing anything on anyone,  Your perspective is so seriously skewed by your bias and bigotry against religion.  I feel sorry for your kids if you fail to see the absolutely wonderful model Tebow is being for your children and the children of many others.  You aren’t being honest with yourself,  Those with your opinion about Tim are in the very minute minority!  Wake up Kenneth and smell the roses!  Perhaps you should search your heart as to why you despise this fine man so much.  Perhaps it is because you hate God Himself?   Well He loves you inspite of your religious intolerance.