Ronaiah Tuiasosopo has hired attorney, may talk

ronaiah tuiasosopoThe man believed to be responsible for creating Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend may finally address the entire controversy.

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo has been hiding out at his parents’ home in Palmdale, Calif., since news broke on Wednesday that he allegedly created Lennay Kekua and duped the Notre Dame linebacker into having a relationship with a woman who didn’t exist.

Peter Navy Tuiasosopo, Ronaiah’s uncle, reportedly told The Associated Press that the family has hired an attorney and that his nephew may address the hoax. He says the family plans to hold a meeting to discuss how and when they would address matters.

“We want to do it right,” Peter Navy Tuiasosopo told the AP. “We’re just a family of faith. The family is holding up well. They’re holding up the way I would expect a family to. This is a storm.”

The AP says the family had a service at the Oasis Christian Church on Sunday, though Ronaiah was not in attendance.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.nitrile Sam Nitrile

    The Tuiasosopo family needs to humble themselves.  Roniah seems to take no accountability.  The remarks from family when finding out that he was the one…were laughs. Outrageous to screw someone over and think it’s funny.  He messed with Teo’ s mind while his family were grieving, right before big games, and to right before the Heisman awards.  Seriously what jerk would do something so cruel?  To me Teo deserves so much more credit.  It’s so sad that Teo has to constantly try to convince the public, because Roniah and his family won’t make
     the right choice and admit Roniah screwed up.

  • VicDer Liu

    Losers and haters will be just that. Manti and his family name will recover. Only time can heal the damage. As for Ronaiah and his family, shame on ALL of you! You have not only disgraced your family name, which by the way, IS a very important and honorable name your forefathers served their people and died for. Now, it’s just in shambles and such a shameful not to mention and embarrassment. 
    How can we progress as Samoans if we allow Samoan on Samoan crime? I believe both parties should seek the advice of their elders and their peers.
    To you of the Tuiasosopo family who thought it was funny, well it goes to show you have no cooth. Ronaiah should be punished for his ill deeds. 
    I’ ‘ve got an idea. Send him to Samoa an  spend some time with family so he can learn respect, honor, and accountability which clearly he is lacking.
    Much love to Manti and his family. This too will pass. To the Tuiasosopo family, make amends.