Rugby player Dean Young knocked out cold on devastating hit (Video)

From Australia’s National Rugby League comes the above video of one of the most vicious hits you’ll see in contact sports. St. George Illawarra’s Dean Young was knocked unconscious on a punishing tackle made by South Sydney’s Greg Inglis in Saturday night’s contest. The ball was jarred loose (fumbled?) and when play stopped both sides had to separated when tempers flared.

Young was put in a neck brace and carted off the field. He reportedly was “heavily concussed” but showed no other signs of injury. Inglis could receive a staggering three-week suspension from the NRL, to which even Roger Goodell is dumbfounded.

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  • Brian Cronin

    In rugby, you have to wrap.  It was a cheap shot by a dickhead trying to injure another player. F#ck Inglis.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002457554238 Martin Pickup

    It’s RUGBY LEAGUE, a different sport to RUGBY.
    13 men per side as opposed to RUGBY’s 15 men. And it is TOUGHER!It’s like calling the Canadian Football League, the NFL.
    It was an illegal shot because he made contact with the head.
    Wouldn’t call it a cheap shot though because he was only a few inches from being the best legal hit of all time.
    Greg Inglis isn’t a dirty player. The New York Jets showed interest in him in the pre-season.
    He score a long range TRY (TD) in the same game. He’s a freak

  • http://www.facebook.com/mammoth.burger Mammoth Burger

    Dick head, cheap shot and greg ingliss should not be used in the same sentence, if you knew anything about the game, you would know this.(go back to Victoria)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FEAZ2XL3S3G7XDDTOZ4GT44JMY Phillip

    Tougher advise people that it is NRL only that allows it  . In RU there is one top player with 2 prolapse disk in his neck, one got knocked out senceless  but was revived and played on. This goes on in RU. There are serious injuries in Union ie people die due to tackles , rucks more than in RL. Martin Pickup you obviously play RL tell us whats it like getting hit like that??