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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tom Brady Dancing With Ponytail in Brazil (Video)

So Tom Brady married a supermodel and has become a little feminine – so what?  So he walks his girlfriend’s tiny little purse dog around sometimes when she’s home pregnant – so what?  So the guy endorses Uggs — big deal, so does Mike Ditka. Brady decided to grow his hair out — good for him.  Maybe the three-time Super Bowl champion has a ponytail now and dances like a fairy in Brazil — big…actually, that’s where we draw line.  Check out this video of Tom Brady dancing at Carnival in Rio:

I think an intervention is in store.  This has gone way too far.  The guy has gone off the deep end.  It’s one thing to have long hair.  It’s another to put it in a ponytail.  If your hair is so long that a ponytail is the only way to keep it out of your face, you’re in desperate need of a haircut.  As a Patriots fan and having watched this guy at Super Bowl parades, I know he’s a terrible dancer.  Never has he looked this bad.  Here is some more content we can use to make fun of No. 12, courtesy of Busted Coverage. Look away, Pats fans.


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