Travis Pastrana Is One Crazy Mofo

When it comes to crazy behavior, I’m one of the more conservative folks you can meet. I don’t bungee jump, I don’t hanglide, and I don’t jump out of planes. In truth, I find the act of dismounting from a bunk bed somewhat unsettling. That’s why when I read stories about X-Gamers jumping out of airplanes without effing parachutes on, I am just utterly, hopelessly, incredibly, incensed by it! Via With Leather and stellar LBS commenter, Scott Van Pelt Style, we have the story of motocross biker Travis Pastrana, who did just what I described above.

On Wednesday, September 26, Pastrana hopped a flight from his home in Davidsonville, MD, to Arecibo, Puerto Rico, to perform a stunt he’s been dreaming up for more than a year. The next morning, four members of his group skydived from a single-engine Cessna from 12,500 feet. Pastrana performed his jump wearing only sunglasses, socks and surf trunks while holding a can of Red Bull.

He was not wearing a parachute.

The jump was the latest in a string of stunts the motocross legend is filming for his next video Thrillbillies, the fifth installment in his Travis and the Nitro Circus series.

I join Ufford at WL in calling this guy an A-hole for doing that. Get an effing life, bro. You got people all over the world fighting for their lives on a daily basis, and this guy’s sitting there essentially laughing at each one of them in the face. There’s no way someone who would pull off such a stunt could actually value life. What an absolute insult to humanity. Willingly putting yourself so close to death? What a joke.

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  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    Considering that the can of Red Bull did not give him wings as advertised, Pastrana is considering legal action against the energy drink corporation.

  • Dummy

    Some make it, some don’t. He keeps doing shit like that and he’ll meet the same fate as the free climber who would climb sheer vertical cliffs without any gear. Forget his name, but the stuff he would climb was astonishing…and then he messed up one time. That’s all it takes.

  • SpinMax

    Would the disclaimer be: don’t try this at home? Because he’s not at home.

  • http://www.educatedbet.com/blog/ Ironmike

    What will this clown do next. People like daredevil’s because there is that element of possible doom. I don’t want to see that garbage.

  • Alan

    personally i think it’s a badass move. i wouldn’t do it but shit, badass.

  • You’reAllPussies

    Get a life? Look at everyone here commenting on someone else’s life. The people in this world who take risks value life more than everyone else. We can see that life is an amazing gift and wasting it sitting in your cubicle, or in your mother’s basement is the true insult to humanity. If you’re such a patron saint get off your computer and go volunteer your time to help others. I give to charity, volunteer for causes, serve my country in the US Navy, and I would do his stunt in a heartbeat.

  • Ken

    dude thats so cool. i’d never do it, dont have the guts. but to be able to say “i jumped outta a plane with out a parachute” would be so awesome. i give travis props on this, it’s truely living life to it’s fullest. there was something he wanted to do and he did it, it’s people like him that push the envelope and do it because they enjoy it, it’s what makes them… them. they dont conform to the norm, they probably find it boring. so i side with you’reallpussies. let people do what they want, you dont have to agree with it. and it’s not a slap in the face to anybody at all….. he just did something normal people wouldn’t.

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    People like daredevil’s because there is that element of possible doom.