Al Davis: Calvin Johnson is Nothing Special

Al Davis never gets old.  Actually, he has gotten old.  Very, very old — but you know what I mean.  It seems like every time he opens his mouth something ridiculous comes out.  Just when Crazy Al says something that might lead us to believe he has a shred of sanity left inside his dome, he goes and spoils it with more of the same.

Last week, reporters asked Davis about the way the Raiders have drafted the past two seasons.  Things started out smoothly before getting a little bit ugly.

“I think we’ve been very successful the last four,” he said. “I think we’re always pretty good. The thing that hurt, is the question someone asked, JaMarcus hurt a great deal. But the ones they wanted to take instead of JaMarcus, Brady Quinn, hasn’t played yet.”

Fair enough, right?  At least he’s admitting the team screwed up when they drafted Russell.  That may seem like a given, but we’ve seen Davis in denial many times before.  He seems to think Darius Heyward-Bey can be compared to some of the greatest receivers of all-time, but we’ll let that slide.  Anyway, here’s where he flew off the handle.

“There was some talk of Calvin Johnson,” Davis continued. “But you can take a look at Calvin up at Detroit. How many games did they win this year, Detroit, do you know? Six? Yeah. But up until now, Calvin hadn’t done anything for them. He had been eulogized, but he hadn’t made a lot of indelible impression on the won and lost.”

Johnson did nothing to the tune of 78 catches for 1,1331 yards and a whopping 12 touchdown catches in 2008.  In 2009, he had a down year by his standards when he hauled in 67 balls for 984 yards and only five touchdowns.  This season, Megatron caught 77 passes for 1,120 yards and 12 touchdowns, once again.  But hey, at least Davis said “until now.”

The bottom line is Johnson has been the absolute least of Detroit’s problems since they drafted him in 2007.  Had the Raiders selected him with the No. 1 overall pick, no one would be criticizing the selection — regardless of how many games they’ve won.  The Lions quarterback situation has been somewhat of a revolving door when you consider Matthew Stafford’s injuries, yet Calvin has remained one of the best at his position.

Again, I digress.  Al Davis actually admitted the Oakland Raiders made a mistake that cost them in the long run.  That in itself is a miracle.

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  • http://mcauleysworld.wordpress.com/ mcauleysworld

    You missed Daviis main point, Detroit has not won with Calvin. Davis is absolutely correct, nothing negative to Calvin, he is a great player, but he hasn’t been given an opportunity to make an impact. In 2008 Calvin had 78 catches (4.8 catches a game) for 1133 yards and Detriot went 0-16. Detriot has won 15 games in 4 seasons with Calvin and lost 49 …. Calvin has averaged less than 5 catches a game for his career, while playing on one of the most pass happy teams in the league …. Let me present Davis’s quote from your post above …. ““But you can take a look at Calvin up at Detroit. How many games did they win this year, Detroit, do you know? Six? Yeah. But up until now, Calvin hadn’t done anything for them. He had been eulogized, but he hadn’t made a lot of indelible impression on the won and lost.””

    Davis is spot on, 6 of the 15 wins over 4 seasons came this year …. Davis’s comment, contrary to your spin, doesn’t blame Calvin, but simply states the hard facts …. By the way, Calvin’s best season was this year, with the revolving QBs, he had his 1st 2 10 reception games of his career, unforntunately, he also had 3 games where he had a total of 6 cathes too ….

  • Anonymous

    The spin is coming from Davis, not me. Am I saying Calvin Johnson has led to a winning team? Absolutely not. That proof is on paper. The difference is Calvin Johnson isn’t even A problem in Detroit let alone THE problem. Drafting JaMarcus Russell set the Raiders back, and to make matters worse there were plenty of people who knew he wasn’t going to translate into a quality NFL starter. Calvin hasn’t led to winning teams, but he’s a step in the right direction. It’s one less piece of the team to worry about. When Detroit thinks about addressing their needs going forward, they don’t even have to consider a top wide receiving option. They have that in Johnson. The Raiders gained absolutely nothing by drafting Russell. The Lions locked down one of the best receivers in the game.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6NT4OS32NGLTZL4LCYNZYR5RTM Hassan

    By your’s and Al Davis’s logic..nobody the Raiders drafted this decade would be worth it because they haven’t won many games either. Calvn Johnson just finished his 3rd season and is aready a top 5 receiver in this league. He alone moved the Lions offense into the to half in the league. EVERY TEAM game plans around Calvin when they play Detroit..he is their only threat. Please explain how he wouldnt have been a better pick then Jamarcus Russel

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Dumbest argument ever. Football is the biggest team game around, and one player can’t make all the difference. But you need good players in order to be a good team, and Calvin certainly is that.