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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Cedric Benson Continues to Repair Image

I actually was beginning to feel sorry for Cedric Benson given the way he responded to the arrest for drunken boating not long ago. After hearing the comments his mother and some of the witnesses made, I was buying Benson’s side of the story. Even if you didn’t believe completely buy Benson’s side, there still had to be some doubt in your mind. Well, how did Benson respond to garnering some sympathy for saying he was abused by the police? By going out and getting a drunken driving arrest, of course!

Benson has done his usual job of covering things up, naturally. He refused a blood test and breathalyzer and was released on bond (taking notes, gentlemen?). He said he wasn’t drunk or driving impaired and that he crossed an intersection while the light was yellow. He had an answer for everything. But my favorite quote, and the one that sums things up best, comes from Bears GM Jerry Angelo who said, “Disappointment is too much an often-used word when we’re talking about Cedric. The No. 1 lesson for every player is: Protect your job. We’re all held accountable for our actions. I’m not going to say any more than that until we know for sure what the facts are.” No more facts are needed to come to the conclusion Angelo did. Benson is just one big disappointment. Guy needs to lay off the booze and get prepped for the season. Man, is there any wonder why he’s not exactly a favorite amongst his teammates?

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