Chad Ochocinco Puts on Spanish Poncho and Sombrero for TD Celebration

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco is no stranger to touchdown celebrations. Heck, he’s taken them to an art form. The extravagant receiver hasn’t celebrated too much this season, instead remaining content to mail packages to opposing defenses. Prior to Sunday’s game however, he promised a touchdown celebration that would get him fined if he happened to score against the Lions. In the second quarter, Ocho caught a bomb from Carson Palmer but didn’t do anything special in the end zone. Instead, he waited until he got to the sideline before slipping on a Zorro-type costume containing a poncho and sombrero. Here’s the Ochocinco poncho and sombrero celebration video:

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  • gmd

    Seriously? Spanish? Zorro? Before you blog, maybe it’s time to know a little bit more about the world.

  • anen87

    Chad has brought ponchos back in style since Martha Stewart LOL