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Monday, June 25, 2018

Eagles Used 10 Players in Onside Kick to Confuse Giants

Philly fans surely haven’t finished enjoying the Eagles’ comeback win over the Giants on Sunday. Conversely, the pain for Giants fans has not been ameliorated, and only winning out might help. I’ll tell you something else that won’t help matters for the fans — and no, we’re not talking about the latest news with punter Matt Dodge. As if the Giants didn’t already feel dumb enough for blowing a 31-10 lead with eight minutes to go, how about finding out that the Eagles tricked you with only 10 men on the field? True story.

Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn said the Eagles confused them. “They ran a guy off right in front of everybody and they’re all looking at each other saying, ‘We’ve (only) got 10.’ So we’re doing the same thing, trying to recount. And then you forget about that ‘alert’ a little bit. That’s kind of what happened.”

Coach Tom Coughlin didn’t think that was a proper excuse and still says he warned the players to prepare for an onside kick. It didn’t matter, as the Giants were left looking even more stupid than they already were.

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