Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs Should Get On the Same Page

It’s the preseason. That means a lot of players aren’t on the same page with one another, which is usually fine because it’s so early in the season. On Monday night, not so much. A miscommunication between Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs during the Jets-Giants game resulted in a gnarly (yeah that’s right bro, I said gnarly) gash in Manning’s forehead. Eli said the injury was nothing serious and that it was his fault.. Jacobs obviously thought it was a run play and ended up running into Manning, who was then leveled by Calvin Pace which caused his helmet to fly off and left a three-inch gash on his forehead. Check out the video of Eli Manning getting a jacked up gash on his forehead, courtesy of The Big Lead:

Eli Manning Got Jacked Up [The Big Lead]

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  • Anonymous

    No star should play a single minute in any preseason game ever

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    They need to be monitored carefully, but I think the preseason is valuable just for players to get prepared for the year. Some can sit it out but playing a few minutes is helpful.