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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Eric Baylor and Mike Williams fought over damaged Bentley?

Mike Williams BucsTampa Bay Bucs wide receiver Mike Williams was stabbed in the leg by his brother Eric Baylor on Sunday in what has been deemed a domestic dispute. While an arrest warrant was issued for Baylor, who later turned himself in, it remains unclear how the dispute started. One witness claims Williams and Baylor began arguing over a damaged car.

Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times shared several witness testimonies on Tuesday. William Carter, one of two men who had cleaned the carpets in Williams’ home the day of the incident, claimed Baylor had damaged a Bentley car that belonged to Williams and the back window was smashed out.

“They were arguing. Mike was mad, and they got into it,” Carter explained. “Mike wasn’t the aggressor, but I guess he was a little upset about that and he told him to get out.”

Clermon Vaughn, who cleaned the carpets with Carter, said Williams did not come home looking to pick a fight.

“He didn’t come in the house upset,” he said. “The mood wasn’t that something was about to happen.┬áThere was hollering. For a long time, they were talking back and forth to each other. Next thing I know, I see the man’s hand come out and stab him in the leg.”

Vaughn also said that Baylor appeared to be in a state of panic after stabbing Williams.

“Just pacing back and forth, like he didn’t want to do what he did,” he said. “The look in his face was a panic (like): I can’t believe I just did this to my brother.”

While we can’t confirm whether Baylor and Williams were arguing over a car, it seems obvious that Williams’ story about the two horsing around and Baylor stabbing Williams accidentally is bogus.

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