Erik Walden headbutts Delanie Walker after ripping his helmet off

Erik Walden Delanie WalkerErik Walden was penalized during the second quarter of Thursday’s Indianapolis Colts-Tennessee Titans game for headbutting Delanie Walker. Walden and Walker were tangled up after Walker blocked Walden on a running play. A frustrated Walden ripped off Walker’s helmet, so Walker walked up to Walden. Walden responded by headbutting the helmetless Walker.

You can see another angle of the headbutt below:

The Colts entered the game averaging 3.7 penalties per game, which was the fewest in the NFL. They had back-to-back penalties on that drive that helped set up a Titans field goal. The referees must have missed the headbutt, because such a move should result in an ejection.

GIFs via GIFD Sports

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  • SpinMax

    The official who threw the flag was looking right at them, how is this not auto eject

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    That’s a really good question

  • SpinMax

    Of course 93 went on to stop a drive with a sack and then make a big tackle for a loss, none of which should have happened. i have no horse in this race