John Cena at WWE Raw in Philadelphia: Donovan McNabb could not win the big one

John-CenaJohn Cena wanted to have some fun with the Philadelphia crowd during WWE’s live broadcast of “Raw” on Monday night, and he knew exactly where to turn. Part of a wrestler’s job is to know the audience and find ways to get under its skin. Cena accomplished that by making a Donovan McNabb reference.

Cena is scheduled for a rematch against The Rock on April 7 at Wrestlemania. The two fought last year at the same event, with The Rock coming out on top. According to our friend Spike Eskin of CBS Philly, Cena gave the following response when asked what it would be like to lose to The Rock again.

“Donovan McNabb, Donovan McNabb,” Cena said as the crowd booed. “Statistically Donovan McNabb is the greatest quarterback ever to put on an Eagles uniform. But Mick [Foley], listen to how the people in the city that he played for remember him. Why? Because Donovan McNabb could not win the big one. Philadelphia cares about its teams. Philadelphia cares and has passion. And with that type of passion, they deserve someone who can win the big one. If I lose on April 7th, I will carry the legacy of Donovan McNabb.”

Cena’s right. McNabb went to six Pro Bowls and led the Eagles to the NFC Championship Game five times. He was 1-4 in those games, losing in the Super Bowl to the Patriots the one year the Eagles did advance. Veteran quarterbacks have questioned McNabb’s work ethic, but it’s also possible he was just the victim of some bad luck. In any event, quarterbacks who fail to win a ring will always be criticized. Cena did a good job of opening some of those wounds in Philly on Monday.

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  • James Whitfield

    Way to post this today Foxsports, I mean it did happen on MONDAY. Way to be on top of reporting things quickly!!!

  • raydar

    Cena couldn’t carry McNabb’s jock strap. Since when do fake athletes get to criticize real athletes?.

  • SpinMax

    If I lose on April 7th, I will carry the legacy of Donovan McNabb.”
    that is a great line

  • Mexoplex

    Exactly. Soap Opera “sport” actors…

  • Mark Russell

    At least McNabb played in a real sport. What does “winning the big one” mean when you were scripted to win?

  • James Lowery

    Cena made a valid point. McNabb was a good QB on a sorry assed team. When the Eagles got to the Superbowl, the franchise choked: Both sides of the ball didn’t play like they wanted to win. That is why Eagles are the team that they are and Pittsburgh is the team that it is. The eastern side of the state has been a joke under Reid.