Jon Gruden critical of Dion Jordan: He’s one-dimensional (Video)

Jon GrudenJon Gruden has been criticized for his easy-going commentary in the “Monday Night Football” booth, but he certainly showed his “Chucky” side when commenting on the Miami Dolphins’ selection of Dion Jordan at No. 3 overall in the NFL Draft on Thursday.

Gruden, who is generally positive in his commentary, expressed many reservations about the Dolphins’ pick.

“When I watch Dion Jordan play, I don’t see him play,” Gruden observed, noting that Oregon shifted defensive players in and out of their rotations like a hockey team working in shifts.

Gruden thinks Jordan has great athleticism, but “he’s narrow, he’s got a shoulder problem … lot of unknown.”

He also called Jordan a one-dimensional pass rusher who only tries to beat you to the outside with speed. He thinks that will be easy to defend in the NFL.

“My only concern with one-dimensional edge rushers is you can counter them if you just take the time and execute your protection plan.”

Hopefully you enjoyed the criticism from Gruden, because it’s very rare that you hear such harsh analysis from him.

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  • disqus_0hG4DGeArE

    mr. Gruden is not the best Monday night commentator on Monday football and certainly not a john madden. yea mabe he belongs
    in Dallas

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.bruneau.754 John Bruneau

    Mr. Gruden is not the best Mon. night commentator? Maybe because he was a 57-55 record coach. His Super Bowl Championship was his 1st year with the Bucs, one MUST thank Coach Tony Dungy for his team building. Coach Dungy left the Bucs in great shape for anyone to have walked in to do the job. Coach Dungy’s record with the Colts was 92-33. He rebuilt a team (Again) to become Superbowl Champions. In all reality, Coach Dungy should get some credit for the Bucs’ 2002 season!

  • James Joyce

    He is the luckiest coach ever. To be mentioned in every coaching vacancy over the past 5 years after being an average coach during his NFL career, is outlandish. Still, I wouldn’t equate that with his ability to assess talent. Who knows though how Dion Jordan will turn out?