Josh Cribbs gets tackled by his hair against Cowboys (Animated)

Some guys just can’t live without their long hair. I’ve never understood why wide receivers or running backs would want to have long hair, but maybe I just don’t appreciate a good set of dreadlocks the way I should. During the Dallas Cowboys’ overtime win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, Josh Cribbs was dragged down by his dreads on what looked like a painful tackle from Cowboys tight end John Phillips.

Cribbs didn’t get it quite as badly as Torrey Smith got it last season, but that still had to hurt. Guys who have long hair are basically giving their opponents permission to horse-collar tackle them, which is against the rules because it’s dangerous. But hey, a personal choice is a personal choice.

Animation via @cjzero

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  • SpinMax

    And that BS penalty could have changed the outcome

  • samnbryan

    That was a BS call for sure. If that mop hanging out of his helmet covers their name tag, then it is considered part of the uniform. Punk azz ref blew that call. I got something else he can blow.