Kent State wrestler Sam Wheeler suspended for homophobic Michael Sam tweets

Kent State wrestler Sam Wheeler was suspended indefinitely on Monday in the wake of a series of homophobic tweets he sent about Michael Sam. After Sam decided to publicly come out as gay on Sunday evening, Wheeler took to Twitter to remind everyone that opinions are sometimes best kept to yourself.

Wheeler has since deactivated his Twitter account, but KentWired.com shared a screenshot of some of the incredibly inappropriate comments he made.


Kent State acted quickly to suspend the sophomore, who is one of the better athletes on the team and has compiled a 26-5 record last season.

“On behalf of Kent State University, we consider these comments to be ignorant and not indicative of the beliefs held by our university community as a whole,” Kent State athletic director Joel Nielsen said in a statement on Monday. “This is an educational opportunity for all of our student-athletes.”

Wheeler can think whatever he wants, but plastering it all over Twitter is just plain childish. Unfortunately, he’s not the only athlete who has said idiotic things about Sam. We’re glad there were immediate consequences for him.

H/T Thunder Treats via The Big Lead

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  • SherylSimpson

    Oh isn’t this rich? Cuz there’s nothing remotely gay about WRESTLING. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  • Sen Bjorn

    from a guy involved in perhaps the GAYEST sport ever..I think he may be a closet homosexual lashing out to over-compensate for his inherent gayness

  • Badboy3499

    I guess striping this college athlete of his 5th Amendment rights is just ok. Im sorry but the kid had the right to make the comments. Just because the comments aren’t politically correct doesn’t mean their wrong. I mean look at the facts Mike Sams own dad is embarrassed that his son is out the closet. Im tired of the left wing media force feeding their liberal agenda down my throat. This kid shouldn’t of been suspended he should of been honored for having the balls to speak up.

  • LafferCurve

    It seems freedom of speech only goes one way these days. It’s so rich that those who claim to be “tolerant,” are actually the ones who are the LEAST tolerant.

  • fasfsafsa

    Man, I feel bad for some of you not understanding the 5th amendment fully. Yeah you can say whatever you want, but be aware for every action there is a reaction. He is a representative of kent state, they do not want to be associated with someone who can understand that simple concept.

    And yes….. He was aware of what he was doing since fag and queer are derogatory terms…..

  • fasfsafsa

    Calling someone a f*g or queer is honorable? How about calling someone a n!99er back in the 50’s was that honorable as well?

    No he used derogatory terms, zero honor in that. You are free to have your own beliefs, but using hate fill words aren’t tolerated in a proper society.

    And Mike Sam’s father’s track record shows he has 2 children that were murdered, 1 disappear and declared dead and 2 in prison. He clearly did not properly guide his children and the one who is showing to be a success he is disowning.

    I’m personally led to believe that Micheal became the successful man he is today without the help of his father.

    Oh and the 5th amendment protects against abuse of government authority. The one about freedom of speech, that’s the first amendment…..

  • Sam Chapman

    I agree Badboy, he has the right to say what he wants, for the most part. He doesn’t have the right to be on the Kent State Wrestling Team though. Good riddance to a bad bigot, I say.

  • Matt Pierce

    First of all, I think you mean the First Amendment. The Fifth Amendment is your right to protect yourself from incriminating yourself. Go out and educate yourself.
    Second of all, his First Amendment rights were not infringed. Was he allowed to say what he said? They certainly didn’t stop him from doing it. The university is also within its rights to provide a life lesson to the kid that sometimes it’s better to keep your ignorance locked inside. What you say, as a representative of a university, can be held against you.
    Finally, the First Amendment protects you from the Government. It doesn’t protect you from your university.

  • kevin72132003

    It may if the university is a state school. Just as the first amendment applies in high schools and grade schools, it prohibits censorship by a government actor.