LA Bar Banning Raiders Games Because Raiders Fans Are Causing Problems

A Venice, Ca. sports bar has decided to stop showing Raiders games on TV because Raiders fans were causing too many problems at the venue.

Deadspin brought our attention to the story when they posted the picture shown above (taken by a customer). LBS called Cabo Cantina and spoke with the bar’s manager who confirmed the story.

The bar’s manager, a man named Wayne, told LBS that there are two particular large groups of Raiders fans who were creating the problems. He says the fans began coming in last season without causing problems. There weren’t any issues for the first three or four games this year. But then the groups of fans started to bring in some friends who were causing problems.

“They were taunting, insulting, rude, loud, and making people feel uncomfortable,” Wayne told us. “People were leaving the bar, so we had to do something.”

At first, the bar tried to get rid of rowdy individuals, but they would keep coming back. Next, they began showing Raiders games on smaller TVs.

That plan didn’t work; the Raiders fans became upset and were “rude and abusive to the staff.”

Unsure of a solution, Cabo Cantina decided to stop showing Raiders games to “take away the reason they were coming to the bar.”

Cabo is hoping that will fix the issue and make the bar more comfortable for customers.

What’s interesting is the timeline of events suggests the Raiders fans were emboldened by the team’s victories. The Raiders were only 2-2 the first four weeks of the season but are now 4-2 after winning their last two games. That’s when the problems really began, leading us to believe that the trash talking and rowdy behavior got worse as the team got better.

Given the culture of Raiders fans (have you seen this guy?), we’re not surprised.

Picture Credit: Deadspin.com

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