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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Texans Division Champion Souvenir Cups Feature Players from Past Teams (Picture)

Considering the Texans have never been to a playoff game before, perhaps we should give them a break. Houston is heading to the 2011 playoffs as the No. 3 in the AFC. This is all new to them, so maybe they don’t know how things work on the souvenir front. One general rule of thumb is that you want to feature current players on any items that have members of the team plastered on them. As State of the Texans pointed out, Houston failed to do that with their AFC South Champion souvenir cups.

The cups feature four players who are no longer with the team: Dunta Robinson, John Busing, Amobi Okoye, and Bernard Pollard. Maybe the Texans were so shocked they made the playoffs that they were unprepared and had to take old cups and have “AFC South Champions” printed on them. We’ve seen something like this happen before after Donovan McNabb left Washington, but you would think a team would be more careful when creating playoff memorabilia. Rookies make mistakes. Let’s just hope they learn from them.

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