Tim Tebow responds to being voted most overrated player

Tim Tebow displayed a masterful ability to answer difficult questions during a recent interview with the New York Daily News.

Tebow was pressured by Manish Mehta multiple times about being the backup quarterback on the New York Jets, but he never took the bait to criticize Mark Sanchez and campaign for the starting job despite having several chances to say something controversial. He was even presented with an embarrassing question about being voted the Most Overrated Player in the NFL by his peers. He answered that question well.

DN: Did you see the recent Sports Illustrated players’ poll that ranked you as the Most Overrated Player in the NFL?

TT: Oh, really? No, I didn’t see it. Yeah, it’s really fine. It’s both sides, because they also voted me in the Top 100 (Players on NFL Network), too.

Who knows if Tebow really hadn’t heard about the SI players’ poll, but he sure played it off well. He also seemed to have that answer prepared, just like his responses to some of the other difficult questions were well prepared.

Tebow’s in a tough spot. Mark Sanchez is not playing well and neither are the 3-4 Jets. He wants to help the team win and he probably believes they would have their best shot at winning with him as the starting quarterback. But he’s trying to stay quiet and supportive in order to be a good teammate. So far, he’s done a great job of that. There certainly are several other quarterbacks who could learn from the way he deals with the media.

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  • Drpepperspray

    i think you have to be a starting quarterback to win the title of the most overrated player

  • jmssjsc

    i think he is very good if they would let him play and the press would shutup about him.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q7PJDW2SIXKAGAVPKNAK2UREAI John Clay

    How can Tebow be most overrated when he’s not playing?
    Mike Vick, anyone?

  • chris winfield

    Classy guy. He is a role model…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PVH2IJJQHOBTMRFEYV2CZ64UU4 Riley

    My wife needs to get up and fix me breakfeast

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GZR4ETHO2HD6N36X3V56OICMHQ junior

    one classy guy !

  • Stephen Ferreira

    Teebow has character and class that the idiots who put him down will never get in their liftime, the problem is they have a fragile grasp on reality and their weaknesses and mistakes becomes excuses

  • NuisanceBear

    TimTebow may or may not (likely not) become a successful NFL player. But he is a decent man – which is more than I can say about this a$$hole who wrote this article or the other a$$holes in the media ho spend their time baiting players with leading and/or stupid questions.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PX3FJU327OXQKYPM42CRAHSFQQ Sausen

    I feel bad for the guy, he is a good person and gets ripped for that, wants to wait on sex for marriage and gets ripped for that, believes in God and acts like it and gets ripped for that, is a rolemodel to other players and gets ripped for that, is a good teamate and gets ripped for that, makes me wonder what all the people who rip him teach their kids if these traits are being so ridiculed and mocked. Kind of makes you see why the world is in such a bad state.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OVLGMMXBEA3YQIHDXNDSCNTI4Y Spock

    I don’t watch football, just happened to see this I thought it had to do with sports), but one test of sanity – or, of course, insanity – is the fact that the person in question is prevented by his illness from knowing he’s nuts.  Sports writers are a case in point.  They do the rating in the first place, then question their own ratings – rating their rating.  By the time the schizos are through with the equivalent of averaging averages, they’re very sure of themselves.

    Somebody else will have to tell them that’s craxy.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RRCOIGXUSANDJIZ34CIBPFMYHI Baltazar Galvan

    OK… What am I missing here? Tebow fans claim he gets ripped for being this or being that but I have heard very few people say anything bad about him. They do criticize his play but that’s because he is a bad player.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DM6C76IMN76NZMJVFCUSBCLBXU Keith

    You are a MORON!!! It’s not possible to be a bad player unless you are playing DUMBASS!!! The problem with Tebow is he is too nice. I wish I could do a couple of his interviews for him to say things in a way dumbasses like you could understand. You are obviously too STUPID to understand class and humility. When Tebow has played he has won on every level. This is a fact you can’t dispute no matter how STUPID you are. You are an IDIOT and should stop posting comments because you don’t happen to like someone. DUMBASS!!!  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DM6C76IMN76NZMJVFCUSBCLBXU Keith

    You are a MORON!!! It’s not possible to be a bad player unless you are playing DUMBASS!!! The problem with Tebow is he is too nice. I wish I could do a couple of his interviews for him to say things in a way dumbasses like you could understand. You are obviously too STUPID to understand class and humility. When Tebow has played he has won on every level. This is a fact you can’t dispute no matter how STUPID you are. You are an IDIOT and should stop posting comments because you don’t happen to like someone. DUMBASS!!!  

  • butterflyinoh

    Larry Brown is overated as a sports writer!!!

  • afle8d

    Keith, you seem to have some anger issues possibly stemming from lack of support or affection from your parents or maybe you just have a really small penis and feel the need to take it out on other people (probably more educated) by bashing their thoughts and opinions of athletes that where fortunate enough to play something other than JV as a senior. All of the SHOUTING gets so exhausting and people just view you as a douche.

    Anyways, Tebow is an “amazing” athlete, but still hasn’t became a “great athlete”. We have seen amazing athletes (how about Steve Young?) play behind the best for years and then end up taking the league by storm and going down as NFL greats. He will find his place and he understands where his place is for the time being. He continues to play his heart out when he is called upon and does his best to be a catalyst while on the bench. Someone has Tim Tebows destiny all planned out and you better believe it will make for a great story, with or without football.

  • afle8d

    you do a piss poor job “reppin” Tebow. Take an English class and stop trying to YELL over text. People have no desire to read your negative bullshit..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4RKIZWNDAZALUEGXJUL4Y2MCA4 MEL

    its the media that stirs this junk up. if they stop the b.s. this would go away. but like stephen a smith says nigga please!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4RKIZWNDAZALUEGXJUL4Y2MCA4 MEL

    he is not a sports writer, he’s a gossip columnist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maureen-Frusha-Boutwell/704167269 Maureen Frusha-Boutwell

    Well, right now Sanchez isn’t much of an athlete either, wouldn’t you say? I think it’s time to put Tebow in the game. It just cannot get any worse.

  • Melissa Williams

     I think what you said hits the nail on the head….maybe if the the people who ridicule him for being a Christian (and yes, I said “Christian”-  and that’s what this really boils down to) really understood the value of John 3:16, they would have a different respect for the individual (which includes moral character, work ethic, etc.) and not just the “game” regardless of what sport it is…then maybe, just maybe, the world would and could be a better place.  Success isn’t measured by your socioeconomic status, level of education, or the expectations of the mass media as a professional athlete (or any level of athletic competition for that matter – Tebow was ripped as a college player, too).  So to me, it looks like he is continuing to mature while the media and other non-believers continue to stagnate or worse.  Who seems to be successful now?  Let’s step back and adjust the screen for a minute why don’t we?  You can have an opinion without being harsh.  I pray that Tebow has an amazing career and remains healthy and strong throughout his life.  I wasn’t a Gators fan, not really a Jets fan except the fact that Joe Namath played for them back in the day…Yes I’m a life long Bama fan, but a Christian first.  Why do I say this you might ask?  To point out that I am a TEBOW fan and supporter.  It’s not the team that makes the player….it’s the players who  make the team.  May God forgive America for its wordly ambitions that are strictly to promote self.  Can’t we all just get along? 
    “That’s all I have to say about that.”  – Forrest Gump

  • magnusdude

    in a way, everyone is correct. Tebow is great, but Tebow has major weaknesses in his game that Elway saw last year. His greatness is his raw, RGIII like athletic ability and his poise,  while his one huge weakness is his passing.  Let’s face it, he has not even begun to become a pocket passer that can read defenses and exploit any weakness. Hopefully he will do that in New York.

  • magnusdude

    Tebow should have stayed in Denver and learned the science and art of the vertical passing game from Elway, one of the greats. Instead, Elway traded him.  I blame Elway. Tebow was in the perfect backup situation in Denver.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4I6KUYSZPZ2PS4NJUQ634E2YL4 Dave Fulton

     “reppin”?  You mean “rippin’ ? or “ripping” ?  Who needs the English class?  “reppin” would seem to indicate a player is doing reps.  Stupid is as stupid does.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4I6KUYSZPZ2PS4NJUQ634E2YL4 Dave Fulton

     No, but he has amazing abs.  Isn’t that the problem with Sanchez?  He poses for GQ instead of watching game film.  I can’t believe Pete Carroll got mad at him for leaving USC a year early.  It was a blessing.

  • afle8d

    “repping” as in representing. You must have gotten your education in California. Is that the reason your talking about another mans abs? He was a USC grad, but I get the feeling you are a J.C. guy? Saddleback? my little brother played ball there before playing for a real program too, but I dont get the feeling you made it that far. Its ok to have hero, just dont BLOW them in front of the rest of people interested in this column. Get off his nuts already. We are talking about ball here, not another mans abs, but you wouldn’t get that because your Comprehension scores in public school were so low. I played ball and received a PAC 10 education. Get a clue “David” and stop quoting old Tom Hanks movies that have no accordance with Tim Tebow and football.

    Remember, its ok to have hero’s, just don’t BLOW them around the rest of us. Stay on POLK St. “David”.

    We dont talk about abs here, just football my man. 

    You’re out……………

  • Karen Shell

    This is the way i see it. Sanchez is the one overrated. He is just not a explosive quarterback, or in fact, a good quarterback. he is medicore at best. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and getting the same result. Which, in his case, would be interceptions. Now, Tim Tebow, is a good quarterback. If given the chance. I have never understood why people don’t consider him a good quarterback? I mean, he can run through just about any offensive line, he brought Denver back from the brink of extinction, and he kicked every teams ass in college. Yes, i know college isn’t the pro’s. But, no one has given him a chance to do anything really. Because he bows his head before a game, or maybe even prays during the game, well, it looks like the Jets need it. And maybe the rest of the team needs to follow suit. I doubt the Man upstairs would mind. I did not say Tebow is great. But, I really believe if someone would give that kid a chance he would show the whole frealin NFL community what he is truly made of. The jets fans have it right. Put him in. it is your only chance at winning a ball game.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ECC6NK5L27KU7KJZ2C634WMJAI Richard

    What Elway saw was the opportunity to spur the box office by hiring an overthehil player who was released by his former team for medical reasons and who cannot play full speed, if at all, for fear of a fatal concussion!

  • g jones

    He should be a running back not a quarter back

  • captaindandan

    He’s a bad player? Did you see him play @ Florida Gators?? Did you see him run over Brian Urlacher in the Chicago Bears v Broncos game?   Did you see him run past James Harrison and safety Troy Polamalu in Steelers v Broncos??  TIM is built like Miami’s fullback Larry Csonka.  TIM doesn’t tiptoe out of bounds, he lowered  his pad level, and RIPS the defender like a bull.  DO YOU know, offense requires  A) offensive line that BLOCKS, B) receivers who can GET OPEN and then MAKE THE CATCH and C) a q.b. who can go thru the progressions of wide-out, wide-out, tight end, checkdown to a back. Tim’s numbers aren’t gaudy–he just wins and WINNING is what it is all about in the N.F.L.
    NOTE: Tebow can RUN, avoid tacklers or run over tacklers. Sanchez gets hit he will in all likelihood be out of the game.
    Tebow is a STUD.
    P.S. when was the LAST TIME YOU were invited to speak at one of God’s churches?

  • AVinSV

    lol, that is what my husband says..but everytime something with tebow comes out. he records it for me!!!

  • captaindandan

    WHO wrote this? Sounds EXACTLY like my feelings and statements to others. God Bless YOU!