Did Vernon Davis Deserve an Excessive Celebration Penalty for This? (Picture)

Obviously this is now a moot point thanks to Kyle Williams and other San Francisco struggles, but this struck me as somewhat odd when watching NFC Championship.  First of all, officials usually let a bit more slide in terms of excessive celebration and unnecessary roughness in the playoffs.  For the most part, referees would rather not have a flag like that affect the outcome of the game unless it is completely necessary.  Was it completely necessary to flag Vernon Davis for jumping on the cameraman’s platform after he scored a touchdown on Sunday night?

Davis didn’t celebrate with teammates and he didn’t go to the ground in celebration.  I suppose what he did could qualify as using a prop in some way, but if that’s the case why are players allowed to dunk the ball through the goal posts after scoring or leap into the stands?  Personally, I thought the refs should have let this one go in a game of that magnitude.

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Definitely seemed excessive

  • Anonymous

    Vernon Davis Celebration…by the letter of law is excessive, he used a prop…the camera stand.  FYI, celebrations like the Lambeau leap and dunk on the goal post are “grand-fathered” into the rule books, just like the face guard rule. 

  • http://twitter.com/casegame Allen Jones

    Vernon Davis should have gotten the Singletary treatment AGAIN after that stunt. I might not have been so upset with his display of arrogance if he did after the game instead of at the beginning. Furthermore,  Davis, in no way looks like the great Martin Luther King Jr. when he is folding his arms in that great rock in D.C.