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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Warren Sapp: Bill Belichick said he wanted to draft me so bad he had an erection

When Bill Belichick was coaching the Browns back in the mid-1990s, he had his sights set a defensive tackle from Miami named Warren Sapp. That is, assuming you believe Sapp’s recollection of his exchange with the three-time Super Bowl champion head coach. During an appearance on the “The Scott Van Pelt Show,” Sapp talked about a short meeting he had with Belichick following his pro day in 1995.

“He’s like ‘I just wanna tell you this before I go,'” Sapp recalled. “He said ‘I wanna draft you so bad that I have an erection right now. But Mike Lombardi would not let me draft you.'”

As JoeBucsFan.com pointed out, Sapp recently told Howard Stern that Lombardi, who worked in the Browns front office, wanted nothing to do with him because of some inaccurate information the Browns security team found about Sapp’s background that scared them away. Apparently Cleveland’s head coach at the time really appreciated Warren’s talent, and given how his ensuing career unfolded Sapp probably would have been a good pick for the Browns.

While it is not surprising to hear Sapp reveal information about someone that they don’t want going public, it will be exciting to see how Belichick reacts when the first reporter has the stones to ask him about this during a press conference. Will we see the Belichick who kept it loose leading up to the Super Bowl or the one who would rather have four root canals in a day than answer a question about an injury? Time will tell.

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