Woody Johnson reportedly says Tim Tebow was ‘forced’ on him

Whatever plan the New York Jets had in place when they traded for Tim Tebow, it failed miserably. Tebow did nothing in New York aside from giving the media something else to talk about, and it’s unlikely he’ll be with the team next season. The person who made the decision to bring him in made a huge mistake, but who was that person?

If it was Rex Ryan, you’d have to assume the Jets head coach would have given Tebow more opportunities to contribute. With that in mind, the decision had to have been made by the team’s ownership group with the interest of selling more tickets and merchandise in mind, right? Not according to former Denver Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist, who claims team owner Woody Johnson did not want Tebow. From ESPNNewYork.com:

Former Broncos GM Ted Sundquist, who interviewed for the job nine days ago, said Johnson told him it wasn’t his idea. According to Sundquist, Johnson said the trade was “forced” on them — meaning him and team president Neil Glat, who also participated in the interview. That makes it sound like Johnson was blaming former GM Mike Tannenbaum for the Tebow debacle; in a sense, Johnson did exactly that, firing Tannenbaum. Johnson also said, according to Sundquist, that he eventually “jumped on board” with the idea, deferring to his football people.

Even if the Tebow acquistion was Tannenbaum’s idea, how does a team’s owner have something forced on him? We’ve heard of general managers and coaches being forced into things by owners, but doesn’t the guy who is cutting all the checks get the final say?

Regardless of who spearheaded the whole “bring on Tim Tebow” initiative, people like this former Jets employee have reminded us that nothing good came of the move. At this point, it doesn’t really matter who was responsible. The Jets simply need to move on.

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  • Beau Forte

    An owner slips and tells an insider that Tebow was forced on him.  More proof that the NFL is fixed….

  • jebozwell

    Oh please, face it the Jets coaching staff was hopelessly outclassed by….well everyone.  Tebow has certain exceptional abilities and areas where he is shaky, the fact is the Jets staff never really developed a good plan to utilize those skills or to incorporate Tebow in a way that wasn’t utterly predictable.

    All they managed to do was keep trying to prop up Sanchez, a quarterback who is obviously in some version of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  I feel for him, but he is obviously mentally flinching every time he takes a snap, he knows he’s going to get hit and he knows it’s going to hurt. 

    Stop pretending that the Jets EVER gave Tebow a chance or tried to do anything that took advantage of his abilities.  They just managed to completely waste one season of one of the most gifted athletes in the NFL.

  • Furino

    If my hunch is right Tebow will get signed as a back_up by someone and will ascend to the starting position due to injury or poor performance by the starter  He is far to righteous a man not to succeed.  You watch the grace of God will make a way for him in due time because He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!

  • temper0129

    im not a tebow or a jet fan , but unlike the jets , tebow is a winner

  • anthony arone


  • Dusty Lovebox

    please, someone please force Tebow on me!!!

  • to funny

    Tim  Tebow is an amazing young man and will go far in life in whatever field he chooses!

  • http://twitter.com/ClaireSimon3 Claire A. Simon

    I wish they would not belittled him, regardless of his experience, he is still a human being, and whatever happen, he will do good in life.