Video: Y.E. Yang Clutch Eagle on 14 to Win PGA Championship

You heard all the headlines: Tiger Woods is unbeatable when leading a major after 54 holes. Start engraving his name in the Wanamaker trophy already — no point letting things play out because Tiger wins and everyone else folds. Not the case on Sunday with Y.E. Yang, who actually had the balls to step up and challenge Woods, despite being down by two strokes entering Sunday. If there was a turning point that helped Yang win the PGA Championship, it was this eagle on 14:

Man, he nailed that chip in the clutch and that eagle made him -8 for the tournament, a stroke up on Tiger Woods. Yang didn’t fold over the next four holes, and he didn’t fold after missing a putt on 17 that could have given him a two-shot lead. The best part is someone stood up to Woods and won a major going heads-up against him. I can only hope this gives other golfers confidence entering future tournaments knowing Woods is mortal. As for Tiger, putting was his problem the entire round. He’ll definitely be back.

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    That chip was incredible. Couple that with the amazing shot at 18 and youve got Yangs victory.

  • SpinMax

    Those two shots were the tournament right there. While Tiger didn’t have any great shots, he had several 15 footers to win and slid them all past. The highest ranked player that Tiger finished 2nd to in a major was ranked 29th. But it happens to the best of them. 2 years ago Roger Federer lost to the 275th ranked player in a tourney

  • Gene

    Roger Federer didn’t lose to the 275th ranked player in a major. In fact, Federer has made at least the semifinals of 21 straight majors, which is the record that should define him. By comparison, the second longest streak in men’s tennis history is 10, by Ivan Lendl.

  • SpinMax

    yea? And Tiger Woods has nearly every record. Roger Federer isn’t even the best player in his sport.

  • Gene


    How do you figure Roger isn’t the best? Nadal has won six majors, never more than two in one year, and has never even reached the final of the US Open, let alone won it. in fact, he has only reached the semis once. He also has never won the Master’s Cup, which is the season ending tour championship tournament. The only year Rafa has ever lost less than ten matches is this year, and he has been injured.

    Roger, on the other hand, has won fifteen majors, three in one year three times. 2008, when he played with mono and its aftereffects, was the only year when he lost more than ten matches. In 2004, 2005, and 2006 he lost 4, 4, and 5 matches all year despite playing the full season. He has also won three Master’s Cups.

    I guess with your logic you would say that Paddy Harrington was the best golfer because he won two majors last year and Tiger didn’t.

    I never said that Tiger wasn’t the best golfer. The two sports are not comparable in many different ways, and it was you who made the ridiculous assertion that Roger isn’t the best.

  • SpinMax

    Ahhh you made my point. I never mentioned the name Nadal, but you did. Career number comparisons are bogus when one has played a lot longer. All I know is this: Federer at his best vs. Nadal at his best: Nadal wins. Hell, Nadal at only 18yrs old wiped the floor with Federer. Federer can only win when Rafi is injured. Hell, he’d have to win like 7 more straight against Nadal to even the series.

    You tell us, Rafi vs. Rog, at their best, who won repeatedly?

  • Gene

    You are not taking into account their age difference. Roger was at his best in 2004-2006. Nadal was at his best in 2007-2008. On clay, Nadal wins at their best. on hard courts and grass, Roger wins at their best. If you do not understand this, then I know you are not a tennis player and have no clue about the game.

    Their head to head rivalry is skewed because Nadal has never reached a US Open final, which is played on fast hard courts. It is not Roger’s fault that Nadal lost to inferior players and never made the finals in the five straight years that Roger has won. Nadal won over Roger at Wimbledon once in three tries. On slower hard courts, Nadal won this year in Australia, but never did well down there in past years.

    Roger is the second best clay court player in the world, and makes it to multiple finals where he loses to Nadal. Nadal is not the second best hard court player in the world, and does not make it to the finals of most fast hard court events, so Roger doesn’t get to beat him. Historically, Nadal fades badly after Wimbledon and does nothing the second half of the year. Check it out.

    Nadal, because of his style, probably will always have injuries and most likely will have a shorter career, and that is too bad.

  • SpinMax

    Ok we’ll take 2004-2006. The numbers are the numbers, right?
    In those 3 years, a teenage Nadal was 6-3 against Federer.
    Nadal is 3-1 against Federer on hard court.
    Federer is 2-1 on grass
    Nadal is 9-2 on clay
    Nadal has two 5 match win streaks against Federer.
    Federer’s best is two wins in a row over Nadal.

    Last 50 matches on Hard Court:
    Federer: 40-10
    Nadal 44-6