Kim Kardashian reportedly upset that Reggie Bush’s girlfriend is pregnant

Reggie Bush publicly announced on Tuesday morning that his girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, is pregnant with their child. According to TMZ, Bush called the Paul and Young Ron Morning Show in Miami to confirm the rumors and express his excitement.

“I have a little one on the way,” he said. “We’re pretty excited … It’s an opportunity to bring in new life and raise a child.”

Reggie also added that he is hoping it’s a boy otherwise he’s going “straight to the gun shop,” which is of course a joke about having to protect his daughter if it turns out the baby is a girl. On a more serious note (yes, that’s very sarcastic), RadarOnline.com is reporting that Kim Kardashian is upset over the news since she always wanted to have children with him.

“Kim is very upset that there are reports out there Reggie has gotten Lilit pregnant,” a source reportedly told the site. “Kim had pressured Reggie for a very long time to get married while they were together because she wanted to have a family with him. Reggie just thought that Kim placed too much of a priority on her fame and reality television though and he wanted none of it. … She feels it is a slap in the face that Reggie would consider having a baby with this woman when he wouldn’t with her.”

This is obviously very generic information, so take it as you wish. Kim is currently dating Kanye West, but since she separated from Humphries there have been reports that she still wanted to be with Bush and at one point a gossip site even claimed the feeling was mutual and that Reggie and Kim planned to elope. Kim may be a bit jealous of Bush’s new girlfriend — who bears a striking resemblance to her — but it would stand to reason that she has moved on by now.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/PrivateDickThickyan Arsen Dadyan

    Reggie is gonna be a part of the new generation of Armenians from mixed races!! She will have the kid and the lifetime paycheck(unless he ruins and loses it all) and then her family/”cousins cousins” from all over the place will be hitting her up for $$$$. Sad sad situation, but I wish them luck. Kim K Super Rat is jealous cuz she wanted to have his kids, but she’ll settle for Kanye and then maybe a few more kids from other cockafellas!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lynn.minthorne Lynn Minthorne

    Be smart get a DNA test !!!!!

  • rodgers2875

    Who gives a crap.

  • Ch3rryPi3

    This is news because……Why? Like seriously I could care less about why Kim K is upset or about Kim K period when I have family in worse situations. Like lets talk about jobs, when my cousin will come home from over seas, the next President, etc. Im so sick of all this celebrity mess. I have a degree and cant find a got damn job! Sorry but it just pisses me off!

  • bigwhiteass


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LP4QMW57AXB5GSMQAPQ66VJ3WM JG

    I do indeed believe I have lost some brain cells from reading this crap. I’m an idiot for clicking on this garbage!

  • http://twitter.com/TheAZCowBoy1 TheAZCowBoy

    Sluts have no rights – Just their pretty faces and when that is gone and their butt has tripled in size – Arrivaderchi Roma!

  • JerichoNinja

    You clicked it, read it, and commented on it. That’s why it’s news.

  • nary69


  • EmilMoonglow

    Kim’s OBVIOUSLY still in LOVE with the guy.. Period!   Otherwise she would give a Sh___!

  • Ch3rryPi3

    Yes this may be true. I click it, read it, and commented on it because its NOT news. So I wanted them to know. And just like the same reason you are commenting on my thread.

  • Dawana Robinson

    oh she mad… well maybe if she focused more on being there for him and stayed in her place things might have been different…not hating just saying…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/635FQYVDTTTAPVT2IZ57TJ7RC4 Danny

    Kim, don’t hate the player , hate the game. Now you know how it feels to have the shoe on the other foot.

  • Topper01

     When you return a library book, expect that others may check it out and actually read it!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KXIU6T72ZYTMKYNJODAKY2HO3E Gdon

    It’s kinda cute that Kim is upset about Reggie getting another girl pregnant.  But, she should look on the bright side.  First, the fact that his girlfriend does resemble you speaks volumes about the impact you had on him.  He adores you so much that he specifically chose a woman that reminds him of you.  Second, you should keep your standard of being married Before having children.  Obviously, Reggie and the girl don’t think enough of themselves – and, of course, the child – to want legitimate children conceived within a marriage.  But, then again, in the USA illegitimate bastards are now the norm.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-Battersby/100001699982727 Craig Battersby

     jg for sure. i am an idiot also. who cares

  • http://twitter.com/SPORTSGURU77 Mr. Vegas

     have fun making child support payments of 25k a month in about 2-5 yrs  LOL

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJK24SDQJJTS36C4MO3K4OJYM4 John j.

    Obviously Reggie did not want a baby with her as the mother.  Kudos to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank God the child will have a hopefully normal mother which the child definitely wouldn’t have had with KK as the mother.  Who in God’s name needs to see KK having a baby on national TV, which most assuredly she would have had to do.  Have a baby with a husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.  Oh wait.  That’s not big news.  Everybody does that.  God knows you sure as he__  don’t want to act normally. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/cartoongems.cartoongem Cartoongems Cartoongem

    Kim Kardashian is just gross. Actually she is super gross.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5LDXT3YMKMWB2ROYSIYETLFYUE RED C

    screw her K.K.  with a dog dick

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jack-Manning/100003329898948 Jack Manning

    Besides this is simply a Black thing.  Whose your mama or whose your papa.

  • Katuria66

    What Reggie Bush does with his life is his business and Kim Boo Boo, you’re not it in!  Move on, release it and let it go.  You have been with quite a few people in your time and though you might be fun to play with, no man want’s to wife someone with your ratchet past.  Be a woman first and then look for a man.  Your reputation speaks for itself.  Also, the young lady that Reggie is with right now is just a hot commodity for the moment.  She will wind up taking him to court for child support payments because the truth of the matter is that he is a little boy in man’s body and now will have man responsibilities.  And to the commenter who wrote something about interracial babies, yes, the child will be interracial but according to the stats, being totally African American or totally White is nothing to brag about these days.  It’s all in the person, their parents and what principles, morals and values they are raised with.  So, with that said, things will turn our the way they will turn out and no comments made here or elsewhere will change that.  Relax people, you act like this is your life.

  • Katuria66

     How immature is that statement?

  • Katuria66

     I agree.  She is human and feelings are a part of being human.  Sometimes people do not realize what they have until they do not have it any longer.  That’s what she’s experiencing right now.

  • Katuria66


  • http://twitter.com/Mzmask MzK

    Idiots should keep their opinions to themselves- MONKEY MAN really !!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BZ4V2YDZS2LRSFKND2EGNX466U DAE

    i agree,enough said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000792334911 Lee Anthony

    Maybe Kim needs to lose everything she has….fame (no Hollywood Star for her because everyone in Hollywood know she is anything BUT an Actress),  money (try figuring out how to make $200 in EBT benefits feed you for an entire month)….boyfriend (C’mon Kanye,  can’t you see what’s happening here…you might have hooked up with a sorry excuse of a woman that actually CAN spend all the money you have. ..and looks..(God what if she lost a foot or a leg because she was diabetic)………Only then would this stupid woman (and I for one am REALLY TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT HER AT ALL)…Gain any sense of Humility and learn her right size in this world

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000792334911 Lee Anthony

    Nothing wrong with having fame ,money and looks….but when these are the main desires in your life you have made an Ass of yourself by completely missing out  on the greatest things in life and what it means to TRUELY LOVE another human being …when you are COMPLETELY SELF ABSORBED……In that respect I actully feel sorrow for Kim……Maybe one day she’ll wake up broke and find the real meaning of her life.

  • Thepoint1

    ??…What an idiot…this one.

  • Thepoint1

    Another idiot…you can always spot the Republican comments…LOL!