Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez Formed the Yankees’ Man Boobs Tandem

So we had the story that Alex Rodriguez has been using roids since high school. A-Rod was also suspected of steroid use while he was a member of the Yankees (no surprise to me). Corroborating that story was Alex’s reputation for having “bitch tits” or “man boobs” caused by the anabolic steroids. Well apparently A-Rod wasn’t the only Yankee with a moob problem:

According to “American Icon,” a book by the Daily News sports investigative team that will be released on May 12, Roger Clemens also sprouted breasts as a result of anabolic steroid use.

“The medical term was gynecomastia, but around the clubhouse they called them “b—- t—” or “man boobs” – and heaven help the player who sprouted them in the middle of his career and then took his shirt off in the locker room,” the Daily News reporters wrote in “American Icon.”

I think my whole excuse for this post is to show the A-Rod on David Letterman video which is where Jose Canseco says you really see them. OK, so here it is:

Yup, I definitely saw it there. Now we know where the nickname comes from.

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  • SpinMax

    Can’t really tell, it’s not the moob overall, what gyno typically shows as is a slight bulge, droop or deformation just under the nipple. Here’s a collection of pics obviously from a doctor’s office treating the problem. You have to look close on the bodybuilders to see it. They are there more for the pain and irritation it causes.


  • SpinMax

    Oh yea, the cause of gyno is from roid abuse. All of our bodies have a testosterone to estrogen ratio. Yes, we do have estrogen in extremely minute amounts, and women have test the same way. When a roid user raises his test levels 500%, the body increases estrogen to kep the same ratio. some aren’t intellignt enough to look into drugs that stop this. that estro causes a female feature like gyno.

    course women get the masculine side effects.

  • Gene

    Both of those dudes could afford male breast reduction surgery.