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Friday, June 22, 2018

Was that A-Rod flirting?

Forgive me if I just don’t hang around Alex Rodriguez enough to know that “sweetheart” is how he commonly refers to females, but I found it a bit strange that he used that term at his book signing yesterday (promoting his newly released children’s book). In the middle of an interview, A-Rod glances away from the reporter to look at a girl. He then returns his attention to the reporter to continue answering the question. That same girl says “Hi Alex,” at which point Rodriguez breaks away from the interview and straight up says, “How you doing sweetheart?” before returning to finish his answer. You can see the video yourself.

Again, forgive me if this a common occurrence for A-Rod, but allow me to make a suggestion. If “sweetheart” is the term Alex Rodriguez uses to address any old female, I suggest he changes it to something less endearing.

The New York Post’s account of the signing wasn’t far off in its description of odd behavior either.

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