Connell High School May Have the Dirtiest Basketball Team in America (Video)

Connell High School in Washington is receiving negative attention for a video showing the dirty play of its basketball team. The video is from a December 22nd game between Connell and Highland High School and it was posted on YouTube December 28th. Our friends at Guyism posted the video a day later and described one of the young men as “The dirtiest basketball player in America.” It’s hard to disagree.

The video shows six flagrant fouls committed by Connell seniors Cole Vanderbilt and Kennan VanHollebeke. Vanderbilt is 6-foot-3 and 280 pounds while VanHollebekeis is 6-4 and 235 pounds. Both were linemen on the school’s football team, and displayed an alarmingly aggressive football mindset throughout the team’s 38-37 win. Vanderbilt even threatened the safety of one of his opponents with a vicious clothesline.

The man who uploaded the video to YouTube is the uncle of one of the Highland players. He says his intent was to show the need for better officiating in the games.

“It wasn’t my intention to single (Vanderbilt) out,” Michael Christenson told the Tri-City Herald. “If you look closely at my video, his name is never mentioned. What I wanted to single out was the officiating. If they do their jobs, there are no hard fouls and no video.”

A 30-year veteran official from the Tri-Cities Sports Officials Association disagreed with the video’s message.

“There were no problems and no fights. It’s getting painted as flagrant fouls or intentional fouls, but it doesn’t have anything to do with that,” David Pierce said. “The guy took a camera and jaded it. He didn’t show the whole game. He showed six plays.”

Connell’s coach says the video paints Vanderbilt unfairly. The school’s athletic director even blames technology for the problem.

“Everybody has the right to their opinion. Not everybody thinks about all the consequences about what their actions will be,” Eagles’ Athletic Director Steve Frucci said. “It goes to show what can happen in today’s day and age. Whoever can afford that technology can do anything they want.”

The video may have singled out certain plays, but if the Connell players hadn’t committed such heinous fouls, people wouldn’t be talking about the video.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=724930890 Rick Fehr

    If those a flagrant fouls, then the thugs in the NBA are committing mass murder. Grow a set dude, It’s a sport, can’t handle it, get out.

  • Anonymous

    Another thug making a stupid comment. Yes it’s a physical game, but this type of violence doesn’t belong at any level. It’s a GAME!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PTUETIIZOOF27NOR7P6YIIICME Joel

    Gloria Vanderbilt, oops, Cole Vanderbilt, you belong in jail for assault and battery, plain and simple. I started to call Foul #5 a clothesline, but it’s more like an advanced wrestling move.  Taking a player, while moving, by the upper sternum and shoving him down is tantamount to attempted murder, his head hit the floor.

    Send the kid to jail, suspend the coach, fire the AD – for defending this little street thug.  Rot in hell, Cole.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.c.gray James C Gray

    It’s outrageous that not only the players, their coaching staff and Athletic Director, but even the WIAA and school administration all seem to feel that it’s no big deal. But to have the AD turn it around and blame the man with the camera – as if this video was the product of just his own imagination?  Wow, THAT is surreal.

  • Anonymous

    34 isn’t playing a game.  He’s a thug that should be immediately kicked off the team.  But we all know the coach will let the football star keeping being a thug.

  • http://twitter.com/macclark21 Macalister Clark

    the first two fouls are just hard fouls. the third one should have been an INTENTIONAL foul not FLAGRANT. People there is no such thing as a Flagrant foul in high school ball. it goes regular intentional then technical. 

  • Anonymous

    In high school ball, intentional fouls like the ones shown in this video are flagrant fouls. And the first two are just hard fouls? Since when did grabbing a player at shoulder level and throwing him to the side become just a hard foul? That has nothing to do with basketball.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carissa-Murphy/715765021 Carissa Murphy

    I am DISGUSTED by the maker of this video AND you people. This is a KID in high school, what were you doing in high school? I bet many of us have regrets, and most of our regrets could have been avoided if there were ADULTS there to tell us better. WHERE WERE THE ADULTS?

    I know this young man personally….he is no thug. He has a big heart, he is goofy, and loved by our community. He is big and not a basketball star, get off your high horses and see that these were ACCIDENTS.

    “It was not my intention to single Vanderbilt out” commented Michael Christenson this makes me want to fall over laughing. If you did not want to single him out, then as an “ADULT” you would have went to another ADULT such as the coaches, athletic director, etc. to deal with your issues, but clearly this video shows you have issues dealing with your own problems personally. Vanderbilt is a bully? Christenson is a hypocrite! It is true…a BULLY IS A COWARD, THEY ALWAYS PICK ON SOMEONE WEAKER THEN THEMSELVES….SHOWN VERY WELL BY MICHAEL CHRISTENSON.

    This young man and his family will pull through this like the wonderful people that they are, with every single person that knows and loves them by their side. And as for everyone else SHAME ON YOU.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carissa-Murphy/715765021 Carissa Murphy

    I could not agree more Rick!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ANZM773VOPWTP4EAX5WZ3NSWDA jason


    You are beyond stupid.

    He is an asshole who could have killed the kid he clotheslined and then he smirked about it.

    I knew bullies like him in school who were oversized a*holes and knew no one could take them on b/c of their size/bulk.

    Christenson did the right thing.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

    You need your head checked, Carissa, if you don’t see anything wrong with his actions.  Hopefully someone will repeatedly clothesline you and then we’ll see if you laugh and shrug it off.

    If that had been my son (the one clotheslined) I would have been on the court and dealt with Cole myself.

    They were not accidents – it looks like you are as sociopathic and pathetic as Cole.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ANZM773VOPWTP4EAX5WZ3NSWDA jason

    I’m amazed by the sportsmanship and maturity of the opposing players. 

     Most people would have lost it after such violent aggression by someone who clearly isn’t trying to play ball but just harm people.  (I suppose Carissa will defend the guy who pushes a player from behind full force as him ‘trying to get the ball’)

    Being a ‘kid’ has nothing to do with violence.  I know many people who still carry the scars, physically and psychologically, from the violence of bullies like Cole. 

    Hopefully he’ll learn from this and get a dose of his own medicine.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carissa-Murphy/715765021 Carissa Murphy

    Your comment before….very intelligent ha.

    Bashing a kids character is completely different then his choices in a basketball game. Boys especially in high school are filled with testosterone, by your aggressive comments Jason, I take it you know that pretty well. 

    I know every single one of those boys on that court, and not one would walk out on to a court or field with the intentions of hurting a fellow opponent. I am not defending or encouraging actions such as these but I am and will say that because of people like you this is being taken to far, singling out ONE kid who is not a trouble maker, criminal, or violent person compared to the many that probably are out there.

    I was a constant athlete in high school, I have seen many violent acts. I know people with a wide variety of injuries, from my families dear friend who is in his 40’s and still fights everyday to regain use of his body that was paralyzed from the neck down in a sports accident in high school. One of my very own softball teammates had her foot broke completely in half due to bad sportsmanship by another player in softball. I saw a kid who needed the basketball scholarship he received in high school in order to get into a good college and improve his life but due to a ACCIDENTAL foul had his leg almost broke in half and can never play basketball again. One of the best teachers I ever had in high school had almost the same injury as the basketball one except it was in college football and was bullied the entire game until…he got hurt and of course was told he would never be able to play football again, at this time he was being looked at by the NFL. 

    You should know you are not the only person that know people that have been affected horribly by accidents and in return hurt the people around them too. But in the end all of these could have been stopped if the RIGHT calls would have been made and the RIGHT people would have talked to the kids before it went to far. 

  • Anonymous

    Harrison thinks the kids are taught to play like this

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    The refs clearly let this get out of control. If you let those types of fouls go as regular fouls, the players are going to continue to foul that way.

    It is obvious 34 doesn’t have one bit of talent on the basketball court and gets easily frustrated when other players run by him and jump higher. The football coach probably wants him playing to keep his weight down during the offseason.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It’s a sport? Grow a set? If you want to go clothesline people for the fun of it, join the cast of Jackass. This is basketball and that’s unacceptable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Troy-Appelhans/1147440073 Troy Appelhans

    34’s actions show completely otherwise. Your whole ranting on all this other garbage has nothing to do with what 34 showed on the court. The camera man?? Really? What should he be sorry for… filming it? I played basketball my whole life and in college. THIS clip shows only one thing. 34 doesnt respect the game nor his opponents health and thirst to get better at their game. Quit talking like a mother. Basketball is a sport. Bottom line is…players like 34 need to walk off the court.. forever. That is the nicest way I can put it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_65UN7QNST632MFGR3YBO6SRJ2Q Annie Laurie

    I am saddened that this kind of “playing”goes on. This is not basketball, it is assault and it would seem as if #34 and #42 work together to see how many opposing players they can land on the floor. They should be terminated from playing and the coach and AD terminated for allowing it to continue.  This is the very reason why my son refuses to play basketball for his school again. He was bullied along with two other players by his own teammates because these 3 were the better players and the bullies were jealous and tried to intimidate them so they would quit. Well quit they all did, the coach received no disciplinary action nor did the bullies and it has come back to haunt the program as most of the other talented basketball players in the school have also chosen not to play and the program has gone from one of the best in the state to consistently losing teams ever since this coach took the helm.  This kind of “play” should not even happen on the football field.  It is not talent, or actually playing the game, it is pure beating up the other team.  Your basketball program should be ashamed. And I hope these kids aren’t playing in other sports in your school.   Kudos to the other team for not stooping to the level of your players.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ANZM773VOPWTP4EAX5WZ3NSWDA jason


    You are like many Americans, unwilling to take responsibility for your own actions.

    Cole could have paralyzed that boy with the clothesline.  Period.  And it wouldn’t have been ACCIDENTAL at all – it would have been something HE did and HE caused – praise God it didn’t happen.

    But that doesn’t excuse him – the fact the young man got back up without severe injury doesn’t exonerate Cole from being violent.

    By 12 or 13 children know enough to make right/wrong decisions on a moral level – especially ones concerning violence; let alone Cole’s age.

    You are looking to blame someone else for Cole’s violence.  He did it. 

    He SMIRKED afterward. 

    He’s a bully and deserves to be ‘outed.’

    Your above post has little in the way of rational thought in it – we all know there are real accidents in sports.

    That’s not what is on that video.  Cole obviously DID want to hurt someone.  As did the other one.  You don’t push someone from behind who is running full force unless you hope to hurt them. 

    If you don’t believe me – go get a friend and have them push you with all their force (a big friend, 200+ pounds) while you sprint past them.  Or have them clothesline you.

    A clothesline is a violent act.  Period.  So, what you ‘believe’ or ‘feel’ or ‘know’ about this kid means diddly sh*t b/c it is clear that he smirked, he tried to violently hurt someone and that makes him a bully, a jerk and someone who hopefully will reap what he sowed.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_65UN7QNST632MFGR3YBO6SRJ2Q Annie Laurie

    If #34 and 42 weren’t purposely fouling their opponents and really are “good kids” why did they not once help the other players off the floor?  They just turned and walked away, with grins on their faces!  please

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y4I67EVTD6UODZZ3GFHZ6CWIXA douglas

    The “FAT” kid needs to be out of sports all together. the coach needs to be fired. This must really be a great school for kids to grow in the right direction. Who is the principle? This kid needs help soon. You know the #34 “FAT” kid. The bully! Have him come to Chicago and see what happens to him. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carissa-Murphy/715765021 Carissa Murphy

    Well AGAIN like I said a persons character is not based off a mistake in a basketball game. I played as well, so as a basketball player you should know it is a contact sport. You get purposely hit, shoved, elbowed, tripped, stepped on, people talking out the side of their neck, you name it ALL because of the aggression in the game. There is not ONE player out there that can honestly say they did not lose their temper at one point or another. I was physically grabbed by the neck of my jersey in a game and pulled to the ground in an attempt for a lay up. So again singling out ONE player out of all of them in america that have made just as bad IF NOT WORSE decisions then this one  is VERY VERY sad.

    I’m sure you will have more to “rant” on about as well…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PXJXQCKSRROS4K5DLUUGXTS7I4 Martin

    These aren’t just fouls, they are criminal acts – and Cole Vanderbilt,
    so called a big “cuddly bear” loved by his family, is a punk of criminal
    proportions who should be charged, the referees fired,
    and the league sued. This is an abomination. Cole Vanderbilt
    should be sitting in a juvenile detention ward tonight!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PXJXQCKSRROS4K5DLUUGXTS7I4 Martin

    If Cole Vanderbilt’s family
    had any REAL integrity, they would admit to the abusive acts of their
    son and lodge formal complaints against his coach, the refs and the
    league for facilitating this abomination of criminal acts by their son –
    not teaching sportsmanship and basketball, but instead teaching
    thuggery and bar-room brawling stupidity

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PXJXQCKSRROS4K5DLUUGXTS7I4 Martin

    “Big bear?” – and big time
    white trash idiot. What a shame upon the Vanderbilt family, Connell High
    School and the state of Washington: also America. WHAT ARE WE ALLOWING
    OUR CHILDREN TO BE??? Cole Vanderbilt: vote him most likely to be the
    cuddly, loving dad who nukes his own newborn kid in a microwave oven
    because he’s too stupid to know that’s not a good way to keep a baby
    warm. Come on! Teach!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Racalto/1242318369 Jim Racalto

    That’s what happens when extremely fat and uncoordinated football minded kids are put in there to play a sport they don’t know how to play. They’re in there for size and intimidation, nothing more, because I can’t imagine #34 can even make a layup or jump an inch off the ground. Either way the majority of these fouls were dirty and intentional, and most certainly unacceptable at any level of sports if we’re talking sportsmanship and integrity. The sad part is the AD defending it and the coach not knowing how to control or properly coach these goons.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AJ26ODXJ4A5WAX6TZ3LQ6OUVBI L

    “mistake”???  Can it really be called a “mistake” if it happens 5 more times?  Looking at the video, they all look intentional, at least with the intentions of not allowing the other player to get the ball or make a basket.  I can’t say if he is intentionally trying to hurt anyone since I can’t hear or read his thoughts but his actions could hurt someone.

    No matter what kind of intentions he may have had, is it not what actually happens that needs to be taken responsibility for??

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X3TNYBPPX7IWK3LAWLV4TXBCYM sunshine


    Check the video and tell me if that’s an “accident”….You are beyond STUPID. I think denial fits you well. I’m sure if you have or had a kid and was playing and he did that to your son…I’m sure you’ll dismiss his actions as an “accident”…..get yourself checked and get back to reality……By the way, here are some bon bons for you to chew on while watching your daytime shows such as Jerry and Jenny…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_42V4YE6VL6LVKBS62L54E6EQRE Truc


    Really? Grow a set? This is a high school basketball game not the NFL. You claim that the players in the NBA are thugs for committing fouls just like these perhaps even worse. So then what would you call number 34 or 42? Sounds like you are sickened by the actions of the NBA players, but you tell these players to “grow a pair”. That’s brilliant considering the fact these actions are mirrored off of those NBA “thugs”. You’re right it is a sport, so his actions were absolutely uncalled for. Support this kid’s actions, go ahead, if you want to see players seriously injured left and right.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NWTUTQSQDH4MJR7C32QXASVIQI Mikey J

    Your comment regarding “no such thing as a Flagrant foul in high school ball.” is inaccurate. Any foul that involves a violent or aggressive attack on an opposing player that could result in injury is considered a flagrant foul. An intentional foul is allowed in the confines of the game, but it is not intended to injure another player. I will concede that it is at the discretion of the officials, but the video clearly shows intent. It’s a flagrant foul – 2 free throws and the ball.

  • Mike Ford

    The smirk on Vanderbilt’s face and the strutting around after each incident says everything you need to know about who and what he is. As for Carissa Murphy, well, her words say everything you need to know about her as well. They make a good team.

  • Anonymous

    The only flagrant foul was the clothesline.  The other fouls were smaller kids bouncing off of them.  If they had the exact same movements but weighed 100lbs less they wouldn’t have been fouls.  They were going for the ball in every play.  The one where the guy was pushed from behind was a moving screen and he should have been penalized.  This video is a joke and so are you and everyone else calling these kids thugs. Your lack of basketball knowledge is stupefying.  I would never embarass my kid by fighting a high school basketball player because he was more physical.  Are you out of your mind?  Who does that?  Great example dad…..beat up high school kid for a hard foul in a basketball game.  Congratulations….I can’t think of a worse course of action or poorer way to handle the situation tough guy.  You win the stupid award for this date, Friday January 6, 2012.

  • Anonymous

    You are calling a kid a “white trash idiot” and demanding he be locked up for criminal acts.  Then you turn around and ask “What are we allowing are children to be” (in all caps and 3 question marks to further emphasize how badly you would like this question answered)

    I’d say by the tone of this message board we are turning our kids into a bunch of whiny little b****es.  We’re raising the kinds of kids that need to be continually bailed out by their overbearing parents well into their 30’s.  We’re raising the kinds of kids who would rather call the police than settle a problem themselves.  The kinds of kids who fake having an injury in a car accident and sue for more money.

    The world is tough and there are many places you can’t go and be totally safe.  If my kid is the 100lb point guard who hit the deck I would tell him taking the ball hard to the hole against a guy who has almost 200lbs on him is one of those places.  Tough stuff, you’re small, he’s big….figure out another way to beat him.  Or get up and pop him in the mouth.  He might lose the fight but he’d get all the respect from teammates, classmates, even the other team. Not you though.  Call the cops and lock him up. You’re weak, just like the next generation of kids coming up. It’s your mindset that ruined it too.  Take heart in the fact that there are millions of Americans just like you.  One person can’t ruin a generation by themselves.

  • eBay/ Amazon merchant

    ms. murphy – you are absolutely correct – #34 is NO basketball star – that “clothesline” maneuver is strictly football stuff & he should be ejected from the BASKETBALL team immediately before he breaks someone’s neck…

  • eBay/ Amazon merchant

    this is horrifying – my kid was going to start playing basketball – if this is typical of what the WIAA refs allow, i will not allow him to play at high school level – and connell coach garza should be removed for allowing & encouraging such behavior – does he truly believe that “clothesling” is a standard basketball maneuver?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JE47XGG2YHG5SD4F2QJAKYGSKU DJ

    Fat ass 34 should be banned from playing. I played bball on school teams from Middle school through college. I have never seen this many cheap fouls in a game. The fat pos kills the kids and stands and grins. If he played against one of my teams it would have been a brawl. We would have kicked his fat non athletic ass.

  • Anonymous

    After visiting the Connell High School website, I find it ironic that the head basketball is also the…dah dah da dah!….head football coach. Wonder where the Vanderbilt kid learned his basketball “skills”? On the 50 yard line, perhaps? I fully believe that the officils should have reigned in the players, issued warnings, whatever but I think a majority of the blame lies with the coach. What kind of example is that coach setting for those players? Win at all costs? No blood, no foul? Pathetic, really. Vanderbilt and VanHollebeke should have been pulled from the game by the coach and had their butts ride the pine for the rest of the game. Teach them that there is a right way to play the game and a WRONG way to play and if you choose the latter, suffer the concsequences. I do agree that the video didn’t need to be released publicly. It should have been brought to the AD, principal, school board and superintendent with a demand for a review. By going “viral” with it, the administrators are obviously going on the defensive which will result in nothing changing. I just can only hope that these students have parents who will do what REAL parents should do…punish misbehavior (remove them from the team, force them to make a public apology, etc.). Hopefully they don’t do what too many parents do these days and play the “everyone’s picking on my kid” card.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QLX3LJ3RURUKTCWS7IIEZLUELQ Greg

    The refs that are replying and others try to justify these wrong calls. Cole was going for the ball on three fouls they say. Really? First foul – full force blow across the non-ball arm and into the body knocking the player to the ground. Going for the ball?

    Guard drives towards Cole. Guard brings ball to waist level and to the left. Cole hits him full force on the head with his elbow and and forearm. I know – really uncoordinated, right? Then why does he start on a basketball team. I think he understands his role. If he is that uncoordinated, how did he block anyone in football? Does he ever offer help to the player – you know – since it was an “accidental” foul?

    Last foul. Cole has no chance at rebound. Can’t tip it to himself or others. Again, a full force blow to the head. I know – uncoordinated. Isn’t it interesting everytime Cole is uncoordinated it results in a blow to the head. Cole never looses his balance or falls. Mr. Uncoordinated suddenly becomes coordinated the rest of the game – after this fourth foul on him He never fouls out..

    Additionally, 5th video foul. He clothslines the kid and then tries to follow through with a right punch to the head but misses. There’s the head again – they keep jumping in front of Coles arms and fists. Watch closely, the wonderful ref then gives Cole a smile, an encouraging word, and a pat on the rear. The refs claim this is the fourth “hard foul” by Cole. Ok, then, warn him – don’t give him love pats.

    The answer from most refs – if you don’t like my calls then you become a ref. Really, everytime someone does a bad job, I have to perform that job?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OYOHO4ZGTWJVOE6FC2JRDSLUQU Bonnie

    Kramer, you have all the sense of the Seinfeld character. I’ve coached high school basketball and now ref. On 34’s first head-hunting foul, I would have called an intentional as he made no play on the ball and went for his opponent’s head. He and his coach would have been warned that he would be thrown out of the game on the next similar foul. 42s push was another intentional foul resulting in two shots and the ball. When 34 intentionally fouled the guard on his drive, once again making no play on the ball and violently taking him down, 34 would have been ejected. I would then take the coach aside and warn him that his team would forfeit if they continues to play like this. 34 and 42 are playing football and not basketball, and even in football they would be penalized for their actions. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JRVDXKI7XIT6GLJXGINV2D63K4 Rebecca

    The problem with going to the AD, principle, school board, superintendant, ect privately is that still nothing would have been done. Have you ever tried to lodge a complaint or solve an issue with school officials? I have, and at least in my daughter’s former school in WA it didn’t matter how much evidense of the situation going on I had, my daughter was labeled a liar & ostrocised and I was called to my face ‘even stupider than my daughter’ if I believed her lies. Thankfully we were able to move to a much better school in a completely differant state, but if I had had a way to publicise what went on there, I would have. I appluad the cameraman because now the school, district, AD, ect can’t just sweep this under the rug with no public outcry for change

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_THS6BB423X6TU6RK2AGFOPSKEQ tony

    I am disgusted that you think everything he did was alright. Shows what kind of community you live in. Sounds like you are a parent. Parents don’t know what their kids are doing when they are not around. It’s pretty easy to put on an act. I am a classic example. I never got in trouble but I wasn’t an angel either. All of those kids on the other team are small than the thug. So yah I would say he is a bully picking on little kids.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R2NRTYIOZMFWKIPIZMS5VDZSQU T D

    I see where you are coming from Kramer, and I respect your opinion. It is true that kids should learn early on that life is tough and unfair but we also have to teach them the difference between right and wrong. Sure, you want your kid to dust it off but it is unacceptable when even the adults (the BB coach, the AD and the refs) stubbornly brush it off like it is no big deal. What kind of example does that show? You don’t have to man up and take responsibilities for your own actions?

    I am sure there is a whole different side to this video. Maybe the kids on the other team was talking smack or even retaliate but this video did not show? No matter, what those kids did are inexcusable and they should be punished. 

  • Anonymous

    As much as I feel for your situation, Rebecca, just because that’s what happened to you does not mean that’s how it is in every district. Based on the timeline between the date the game took place and when the video was released, obviously the cameraman didn’t even attempt to handle the incident privately. He went directly to the court of public opinion. He should have gone through the proper steps and filed formal complaints. It’s the mentality of “I’ll put anything I want online because I CAN” in action here. How about stopping to think “I can put anything I want online but SHOULD I? Is there a better way for me to handle this? Have a I pursued every avenue? I’m the adult in this situation and am I acting appropriately?”.

  • Anonymous

    This is whats scary.  The young man-34-seemed to enjoy this bullying and I can see how this type of behavior can continue off the basketball court.  The coach is so responsible in so many ways.  Because he is the coach, he has an opportunity to teach 34 about character and integrity.  Apparently, the coach cannot teach on character and integrity because he does not have either, therefore, he encourages this coward type of behavior.  For the love of God, would someone please, please, please grab ahold of this boy and train him up on what is proper conduct and true manhood before it is too late.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QG7RFQKTR2BFUFEQDVMZSLL3WM Brett H

    100% completely in agreement.   I too have played high school and college ball and I have refereed in the past.   Neither player was attempting to make a play on the ball in these examples and on the clothesline play I would have run that player right then and there and told the coach next hard foul that player is ejected and so are you.   There are obviously several ways this could have been handled but he refs did a horrible job of not getting this game under control right from the outset calling no elevated fouls and allowing this type of behavior to continue is simply unacceptable.  I am just amazed that the school, the officials, the league is somehow attempting to defind this stupidity.    Obviously you cannot tell from the video but did the opposing team coach not attempt to discuss these calls with the refs and demand that something be done before someone got hurt????

  • Anonymous

    This violence in our schools is unacceptable. Here’s a mailing list of all the grown-ups who are responsible for correcting this problem. Let them know your thoughts.

    This mailing list includes the coach, athletic director, principal, superintendent, school board, local law enforcement, state athletic association, referees’ association, state school board:  tpeterson@nfsd.org; gtaylor@nfsd.org; rderuwe@ritzcom.net; felony@co.franklin.wa.us; juvenile@co.franklin.wa.us; rlbailie@centurytel.net; jediana@eltopia.com; kara-booker@hotmail.com; tstaylor@eltopia.com; colbrese@wiaa.com; tclawson@nfsd.org; jdorsett@esd123.org; ogarza@nfsd.org; cadsit@wiaa.com; abarnes@wiaa.com; jmiller@wiaa.com; bsmith@wiaa.com; lfrancis@wiaa.com; rroach@wiaa.com; bbickler@wiaa.com; jbadgley@wiaa.com; claffey@wiaa.com; jmeyerho@wiaa.com; ecinfo@naia.org; lindaf@awsp.org; sfrucci@nfsd.org; opp@k12.wa.us; gary@awsp.org; don@awsp.org; bob@awsp.org; susanf@awsp.org; scott.seaman@tumwater.k12.wa.us; deancorcoran@comcast.net; rahellman@hotmail.com; steve.colby@comcast.net; govners@ymail.com; cindyc@seanet.com; tbeckstead@msn.com; referee@mac.com; swwfoa@comcast.net; johnmatteo@equityhome.com; erhoades@nctv.com; rgeoailwk@aol.com; kms@winstoncashatt.com; rdeanr@aol.com; deborabrock@msn.com; carabrooks5@gmail.com; tstordahl@woa-officials.com; kstordahl@woa-officials.com; kvonmoos@stanwood.wednet.edu; dheltsley@bethelsd.org; rlathim@co.franklin.wa.us; craig_olson@misd.wednet.edu; ben.rarick@k12.wa.us; lcantu@co.franklin.wa.us; kathe.taylor@k12.wa.us; sarah.rich@k12.wa.us; aaron.wyatt@k12.wa.us; loy.mccolm@k12.wa.us; ashley.harris@k12.wa.us

  • cory grogan

    You want to talk about character??  Show me in that video where he tries to help one of the 4 people he knocks down up to their feet.  You can’t.  However if I asked you to show me him smiling, or getting a high five from a teammate after one of these fouls….could you do that??  He’s not a child, he’s got a full goatee for crying out loud.  He needs to be held accountable for his actions, instead of coddled like an infant.  You, Carissa, have the mindset that allows people like # 34 and bullies all across the nation to get away with what they do.  They may be young and immature, I agree, but that makes their actions NO more excusable. Period.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1563903602 Felix Reichart

    your as stupid as the day is long!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1563903602 Felix Reichart

    your a idiot and probably a buttmuncher!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1563903602 Felix Reichart

    he’s a frickin thug and it doesnt belong in the sport. if that how his family raised this idiot and ref’s let this fat kid get away with this crap …hope he can handle jail cuz his butt gonna get some abuse…lmao!!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IEGMZHLKVQHFC3ML66M4JRRJCA Phade2Blaq

    Why are NBA players considered thugs ? And those fouls in that high school game were utterly ridiculous and could very well land one of those kids in a hospital ! That number 34 is a big bully !