Sean Avery Should be Suspended Again for Lack of Sportsmanship

Normally I try to avoid stories about Rangers defenseman Sean Avery because the guy is such a tool. In general, I prefer not to a-holes like that publicity, regardless of what they’re doing (unless it’s about Elisha Cuthbert). That being said, after I saw the following video on Ballhype I felt no choice to post this so people could see exactly how much of a jerk Avery is. The Bruins beat the Rangers Sunday 1-0 to clinch the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Goalie Tim Thomas was on his game despite being smacked by Avery for no good reason. Let’s roll the tape:

It’s pretty clear that Avery did that intentionally. This is the same jackass that ruined the spirit of the game with his classless, annoying moves against Martin Brodeur in the playoffs last year. The NHL luckily was quick to respond in creating the “Sean Avery rule” to prevent those antics from ruining any more games. All they need to do is take one look at this tape to realize he should be suspended. There’s a difference between being a pest and a jerk. This certainly falls under the “jerk” umbrella.

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  • SpinMax

    There’d better be some Tie Domi vs. Ulf Samuelsson justice soon. Ulf was the most hated guy in the league, he constantly took cheap shots, most of which were to the knees and put many players out a long time. Hopefully avery gets a dose of this