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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Stephen A. Smith got angry over a fake story written about him in ‘The Onion’

Stephen A. Smith’s trademark overblown outrage was on full display Monday, and best of all, was spurred by a satirical story from “The Onion” that mocked him for his argumentative style.

“The Onion” is a humor website that exclusively publishes satire. Either Smith was unaware of that fact, didn’t bother reading the story, or much like his colleague Skip Bayless, reacted by the seat of his pants and started firing off angry tweets without getting the full story.

Whatever the explanation, the tweets he sent out in response were highly amusing:

About a half hour later, Smith finally learned that the story was satirical, and then he was cool with it.


Next time he gets on someone for speaking without doing their research, please direct him to this article.

For more fun with Stephen A., watch this SNL spoof of him.

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