TJ Simers had a mini-stroke and the Dodgers helped save him

TJ SimersLos Angeles Times columnist TJ Simers recently suffered what he called a “mini-stroke” while in Arizona to cover spring training, and he apparently can thank the Los Angeles Dodgers for helping to save him.

Simers, who is known for his humor, negativity, and confrontational style, revealed the news in a column that featured his usual amounts of sarcasm.

As best as I could tell while deciphering fact from sarcasm, Simers fell multiple times getting out of bed. He says he then fell off the toilet, but later managed to climb back to bed. He called his LA Times colleague Dylan Hernandez to inform him he wouldn’t be able to cover spring training that day. Hernandez called the Dodgers, who sent over a trainer who took the writer to the emergency room.

Simers must have recovered well from his mini-stroke because he was able to write his usual witty column with only one day between published items; his previous column was on Mar. 16. Simers says Dodgers GM Ned Colletti even came to visit him while he was in the hospital.

I’d say that Simers might take it easy on the Dodgers this season considering they helped save him, but that just doesn’t fit his style.

Photo: Twitter/TJ Simers

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  • prodltd .

    Love him or hate him — and I’m guilty of being in the vast minority —
    y’all can’t tell me you don’t miss the bum. Every morning we pick up the sports
    section to see if the Dodgers won, then throw it away? That’s a sport
    section? You going to tell me you don’t want to read what he thinks of that
    clown Rodriguez or the bigger clown the comish of baseball? And what about the
    Bussboy on his knees begging the Stiff not to go to Houston? How many games
    into The Streak would the Dodgers be before he took credit for it? Why did Mora
    ban him from practice? Why did the other guy invite him? And granted it’s
    selfish of me but I want to hear how those ESPN simpletons came up with a List
    of the Top 20 NFL Coaches of all time and leave off the one coach that all the
    listees credit for their offense, the same coach who in the 1950’s recommended
    to Green Bay to hire the eventual #1 on then list, and the only coach in the
    HISTORY OF FOOTBALL to be in both College and Pro HOF!! Simers come home — we need you.