Frankie Edgar Dominates Disappointing B.J. Penn

The calls were heard loud and clear prior to the rematch between Frankie Edgar and B.J. Penn at UFC 118: Edgar got a friendly decision from the judges in their last fight and would not be so lucky this time around. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

Edgar came out of the gates in round one setting the same frenetic pace he established in the prior meeting between the men. While Penn appeared unmotivated and listless, Edgar recorded two takedowns in an impressive first round. More content to stand in the Octagon and box, Penn lacked any sort of aggression and strictly reacted to whatever Frankie did to him. B.J. was so inactive it appeared as if his gameplan was to let Edgar tire himself out in the first few rounds and then to finally try and take advantage later in the fight.

Frankie set the pace the entire way, got some key takedowns, and defended himself well in the fourth round when Penn finally decided to go for the kill. Edgar dominated every single facet of the fight and truly appeared to have Penn’s number. He dropped B.J. with a leg sweep late in the fight and jumped on top to hammer Penn with several blows to the head.

If any judge awarded B.J. more than one round in the fight then his scores were off. About the only thing he did well was defend some of Edgar’s punches that looked good to the judges and fans but really didn’t hit. That’s not saying much for someone who’s supposed to be one of the stars in the sport.

As for Frankie Edgar, there’s no denying his talent now; he’s high-energy, aggressive, versatile, and most of all, a truly deserving champion. His upcoming title defense against Gray Maynard should be a good one.

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    Funny, those are my sentiments exactly. You stated exactly what I have stated in my blogs. It was downright embarrassing for me to watch Penn just stand there, following Edgar around, never attacking like he should have.

    What really gets me is how Penn stated that… “sooner or later, he’ll have to come to me and that’s when…” Every time Edgar advanced toward Penn, Penn backed up. I thought he was going to knock im out. That is what he told everyone, isn’t it?

    I often wondered why he was not bullying Edgar. I really believe that is how to beat Edgar. You have to bully him and guess who does it best? Gray Maynard already showed it when he beat Edgar in their previous fight. We’ll see it again, in this upcoming one as well.

    Most belt holders only have it (the belt) until their first title defense, then they lose it. There are very few GSPs (and he even lost the belt in his first title defense), Anderson Silvas and BJ Penns. These guys manage to hold on to their belts (that is until Penn finally lost his to Edgar).

    Look how many times the Light Heavyweight belt changed hands. Liddell had it a while, then Rampage took it from him. Forrest Griffith took it from him, then Rashad Evans took it from him, then Lyoto Machida took it from him, then Mauricio Rua finally took it away from him. Machida is the only one who had it longer than the first title defense. He had it for two defenses, before being knocked out by Rua.

    No, they are hard to get, but harder to keep. Ask GSP about that. That’s why he doesn’t make the same mistakes twice. He likes his belt and intends on keeping it. Josh Koshcheck will do his best to prepare for a five round wrestling match with GSP, so this might be a nice war. Both prefer wrestling to stand up. Kos sure didn’t want to stand against Daley. Not too long, anyway.

    GSP learned his lesson after getting knocked out by Matt Serra. He chooses to keep his belt, so he will not stad and box anyone he thinks could knock him out. Notice that? Watch all his fights, after the first Serra fight.