Lolo Jones drug tested at her birthday party

Lolo Jones

When you’re an Olympic athlete, you have to be prepared for a drug test at all times. Athletes must submit their schedule — including minute-by-minute plans of their whereabouts — to allow testers access to the at random. That means drug testers can even show up to test you on your birthday. Lolo Jones would know.

Jones, who is a world champion hurdler and making the transition to bobsledding, says Olympic drug testers showed up to test her on Monday, which happened to be her birthday. Jones says she was not ready to pee when the testers showed up, so she dragged them along to her birthday party.

We’ll let Lolo take over the story from here:

Jones, of course, showed off her typical sense of humor.

While Jones loves sharing dramatic stories about her life, this tale should not be too surprising. After all, in June we told you that Lindsey Vonn was drug tested in perhaps an even weirder place.

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