David Beckham kicks ball at opponent Sam Cronin, gets yellow card (Video)

David Beckham received a yellow card at the end of the Galaxy’s 4-3 loss to San Jose on Saturday after kicking a ball at one of his opponents.

Quakes midfielder Sam Cronin was down on the ground after getting tangled with a Galaxy player on a corner kick in the 91st minute. Beckham may have been frustrated that his team was losing, or he felt like Cronin was faking, so he decided to kick a ball at the fallen midfielder.

Cronin got up in a fury after being kicked with the ball and a scuffle between the teams ensued. Beckham received a yellow card for his actions and will be suspended for the Galaxy’s next game.

Beckham is no stranger to controversy in his MLS games; he actually was more tame this time compared to what happened last year.

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  • Mark Wilson

    Cronin should have gotten a yellow in my opinion as well.  His reaction after getting hit by the ball showed just how badly he was milking the clock.  He wasn’t injured, he was contributing to the reason many Americans don’t like proper football.  LA was pressing being a goal down with time running out and Cronin thought he’d just lay down on the ground and let the time expire instead of taking on the Galaxy like a man. He is supposed to be playing a man’s sport, yet guys like him get touched and they act like it’s the end of the world praying for a call from the ref.  If you can’t beat the other team by playing the game instead of playing the ref for a fool, then find another sport to play PLEASE.  If you’re truly the better team, let it be decided on your own two legs, not by the whistle of the ref.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutly agree with Mark Wilson this player Cronin should be banned from playing infuture he is just a waste of space. Although I have no allegence to either team being a West Ham supporter in the UK  these sort of dramatics are spoiling the real game of football (i.e. soccer) lets get some common sense reinstatedinto the refereering of this game.

  • Chris Pittman

     He should shake Beckham’s hand for healing him with the ball.

  • Anonymous

    Very true. Remember, the Referee can always add extra time at his discretion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deven.pfund Deven Pfund

    Typical BS headlines by a website, fueled by politics that HATES soccer.. The MSN title suggests that Becks through a tantrum, so the mainstream people who wont click on the story can assume that Becks(the ambassador of the MLS) gets a bad name/ I’m sick and tired of the smear campaign, how much attention does the EURO’s get outside of a few articles about racism, gay comments and couple matches? Barely any,

    Do you see an atricle about the EURO final, Spain(defendinc EURO and World Cup champ) VS Italy(World cup champs prior to Spain’s champ)????????????

    This is news made out to be negative.. THIS IS GREAT effing news, the article should talk about this being a HEATED CALIFORNIAN RIVALRY, and the player down was ACTING in STOPPAGE time, he got a bit heated, there was no time and just wanted to get a chance to score with the few seconds ticking away(again no mention about the heated rivalry)

    Larry Brown get your dirty head out of soccer, report on something else and Yardbarker, start bringing in credible soccer journalists and actually SHOW them on your website.. Total bullshit

  • Anonymous

     Yeah!The key word here is ;”at is dicretion”!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dirk-Smith/1268460506 Dirk Smith

    Everybody needs to respond like Joey Barton once in awhile, especially the way Cronin acted.  Love it!  

  • Kibosh

    Should have been a red card; don’t know too many players that can kick and hit a ref with the ball and get away with it. Nice to see becks regressing back to his ways of early WC days. F*ck Beckham, he’s the reason the MLS will never be big.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YJ7FUXSDSLJP7IIYSZEQPRBXJE lunkhead

     It was really awesome how fast Cronin got up when he realized what Beckham was doing.