Kindergartner Wears ‘Make it Blaine on Them Hoes’ Jaguars Shirt (Picture)

So, what are we going with here? The uncle trying to be cool got it for him, or the badass older brother? Let’s just hope it wasn’t his mother.

The picture above came from a video of a kindergarten class that sang a song welcoming new Jaguars owner Shahid Khan. I’m surprised that they allowed the kid to wear that shirt, yet something like this gets a kid sent home from school. It’s pretty unbelievable that parents would let a five-year-old wear such a thing. Here is the video, and a picture of how the full-sized shirt looks:

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Jaguars Fans Cross the Line with Steve McNair Skeleton

Some Jacksonville Jaguars fans crossed the line by hanging a bloody Steve McNair jersey on a skeleton at their tailgate Sunday. According to Outkick the Coverage, the fans did this at their tailgate prior to Sunday’s Jags-Titans game.

McNair of course was Tennessee’s franchise quarterback from 1995-2005. He went to three Pro Bowls, won a co-MVP, and led the team to the Super Bowl. He was murdered on July 4th, 2009 and his death left a scar on the city of Nashville and the Titans franchise. This is no laughing matter and it is disturbing that some fans felt this was acceptable behavior.

We’re all about fans showing up to support their team before and during games, but you don’t need to express your anti-opponent feelings by mocking the death of their franchise icon. I would ask how some fans could be so ignorant, but some fans have already taught us not to be surprised by anything.