Jeopardy contestant answers Magic Johnson for NHL question (Video)

Jeopardy-contestant-Magic-JohnsonWhy is it that the producers of “Jeopardy!” expect the contestants to have an extensive knowledge of sports? When we’re all glued to the TV watching Paul George dunk on LeBron James while mic’d up, future Jeopardy contestants are home studying, reading and getting smarter. So don’t ask them questions about Wayne Gretzky.

Earlier this week, a question was looking for the NHL player who has recorded more than 100 assists in a season 11 times. The answer, of course, is The Great One. Our man Joe quickly hit his buzzer and confidently answered “Who is Magic Johnson.”

Alex Trebek sympathized with Joe and realized he must have read the question as “NBA” instead of “NHL,” but does that really make it any better? I suppose Joe deserves credit for thinking of Magic when it comes to assists, but 100-plus assists in an NBA season? Come on now. Rajon Rondo gets there in about 10 games. Stick to National Geographic, Joe.

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Jeopardy takes shot at Barry Bonds with asterisk (Video)

Barry-Bonds-Jeopardy-questionThat damn “Jeopardy!” just thinks it’s so freakin’ funny sometimes, right? The nearly 50-year-old game show has taken its fair share of swipes at athletes and sports teams over the years, and the producers were at it again on Wednesday night. Barry Bonds was the latest victim.

One of the answers given on the show read “he fathered baseball * Barry Bonds.” The question, of course, was Bobby Bonds. Here is how Alex Trebek read the answer.

“He fathered baseball star Barry Bonds.”

Those of us who are familiar with baseball’s steroid era and Barry Bonds’ career know that an asterisk is hardly a star. Well played.

Last month, “Jeopardy!” took a shot at the Houston Astros and their horrendous 2013 season. Watch out, Johnny Manziel — you’re next.

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Jeopardy takes shot at Houston Astros

Jim-Crane-AstrosThe Houston Astros lost 111 games last season. To the fans, players and front office, that is incredibly embarrassing. To others, it’s pretty funny that a professional baseball team can be that horrible. The people who write the questions for “Jeopardy” apparently see the humor in Houston’s abysmal 2013 season.

Earlier this week, the Astros were used as a hint for an answer that was presented on “Jeopardy.” If you were at all familiar with Major League Baseball, the hint was a huge help.

The corresponding question was, “What is a blowout preventer?” Get it?

Good news, Astros fans — there’s nowhere to go but up in 2014. Well, we hope.

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Jeopardy contestant screwed for mispronouncing Elaine’s name from ‘Seinfeld’ (Video)

Elaine-BenesNow I know why Jeopardy pisses me off so much and I never watch it. It’s not the fact that I can barely answer 5% of the questions correctly and wouldn’t stand a chance at winning more than $300. It’s the pompousness that goes along with being on the show. A contestant named Fidelito experienced that first-hand on Tuesday night’s edition of the show.

One of the answers in a category called “Name That TV Role” was “Seinfeld: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.” The corresponding question, of course, was “Who is Elaine?” It seemed pretty clear to me that Fidelito had the correct question, but for whatever reason Alex Trebek told him it was wrong. Another contestant was then awarded the money for saying “Who is Benes?” Benes, as many of you know, is Elaine’s last name on the show.

WTF? To make matters worse, they weren’t even looking for the last name. The judges simply determined that Fidelito mispronounced Elaine’s name and didn’t put enough emphasis on the “E.” No, seriously, that’s what happened. If that’s the case, I think I would have pronounced it wrong too. Would they have cracked my balls about it? We’ll never know. What we do know is that Fidelito got hosed.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s mind was in the gutter for this Jeopardy! answer (Video)

To be fair to Kareem, I probably would have answered with an “X” too. I just hope he doesn’t expect to get a statue with a dirty mind like that.

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Teen Jeopardy! contestant doesn’t know who Eli Manning is (Video)

The kids on Teen Jeopardy! are supposed to be geniuses, yet none of them know who Eli Manning is? They need to put down their physics book and pick up a New York Post once in a while. OK, bad example. Maybe stop watching Nat Geo and start mixing in a little more ESPN. Alright, another bad example. I just know all the useless facts in the world are worthless if you can’t recognize the reigning Super Bowl MVP.

Side note: After watching that video, it’s easy to see why it was so easy to find a pool or jurors unfamiliar with Roger Clemens.

Second side note: This is the same contestant who confused Jay-Z with LMFAO last week. Video below.

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Jeopardy Contestants Don’t Know John Wooden

Category: College Baskeball Coaches. Answer: John Wooden (1949-1975).

Question: Who are a bunch of dummies that haven’t picked up a Los Angeles Times within the last month? The clowns below:

Even if you’re not a sports fan I figure you heard about John Wooden dying earlier this month. These people don’t even belong on Jeopardy. At least Wooden got more respect from the game show than Bill Belichick. Thanks to Jeff Eisenberg at The Dagger for the video.

Jeopardy-fail: John Wooden question stumps contestants [The Dagger]
Video Credit: YouTube user mdwivedi