Agent David Falk apologizes for ripping John Wall

John WallAgent David Falk, who is best known for representing Michael Jordan throughout the legend’s NBA career, apologized Thursday for ripping Washington Wizards guard John Wall in an article that appeared in The Washington Post Thursday.

Matters began on Sunday when The Post’s Mike Wise wrote a column in which he was supportive of Wall. The theme was that the expectations of being the No. 1 overall pick were too great for Wall, and that the young point guard has been playing well since returning from injury this season.

Though Wise was supportive of Wall, his column contained this paragraph expressing a dissenting opinion:

“A prominent NBA agent, whom I’ll save from embarrassment here, told me a year ago the Wizards needed to unload Wall before the rest of the league found out he didn’t have trade value.”

The agent was Falk, who called Wise on Monday to discuss the Wizards and go off on Wall — on the record.

“I’m going to save you from embarrassment,” Falk told Wise. “You guys are in dreamland. Because this team [stinks] so bad you guys want John Wall to be someone he will never be.”

Falk continued to criticize Wall, saying the youngster doesn’t have a feel for the game.

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Stan Van Gundy: John Wall isn’t good enough for Wizards to build around

One of the reasons the Washington Wizards are off to such a poor start again this season has been the absence of John Wall. A team isn’t going to win many games without its best player, and Washington has won only four of its 29 with Wall having been sidelined with a knee injury for the entire season. To say that the Wizards are missing the former Kentucky star would be an epic understatement.

However, Stan Van Gundy does not feel that Wall is the answer to the Wizards’s problems — this season or in the future.

“You know, I don’t see it, to be honest,” Van Gundy told ESPN 980′s The Sports Reporters last week, via D.C. Sports Bog. “I’d love to tell you you’re two years away; I really don’t [see it]. That roster doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I know they’ll be better when John Wall comes back. He’s certainly got talent, but I don’t know that even John Wall is a great player to build your franchise around. I don’t know who you’re building around, so it’s tough to even think about what the construction of your team is. That’s just a bad basketball team.”

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John Wall: Wizards have ‘great chance’ to make the playoffs

The Washington Wizards went 20-46 and had the second-worst record in the NBA last season, but that’s not stopping former No. 1 overall draft pick John Wall from expressing confidence in his team.

Wall has spent the past week in Las Vegas playing for the USA Select Team, and he spoke to The Washington Post about the Wizards’ future.

“We finished the season very strong and then you make those trades in the offseason and drafting the right people, we’re going the right way,” Wall told the Post after practice on Tuesday. “We have a great chance now to make the playoffs, but it’s up to us.”

Keep in mind this is the same Wizards team that was so bad fans were doing homework and sleeping at games last season. The Wizards acquired Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza in a trade and drafted Bradley Beal, so they should be improved. But do they have a “great chance” at making the playoffs? I wouldn’t go that far. Not unless the selfishness on the team that Wall complained about last season is now gone, and not unless their players are as committed to improving as Wall seems to be.

John Wall says he should have played in less charity games and worked out more

Like the NFL lockout, the NBA lockout left players looking for different ways to remain in shape last summer. Some of them succeeded in finding them, but many did not. With the Wizards toting a 15-46 record with five games remaining in the season, it’s hard to point toward one particular thing that has gone wrong for them over the past few seasons. However, John Wall says a lack of preparation during the lockout could be part of it.

“I didn’t think I had a disadvantage (being a young player during the lockout),” Wall told Wizards.com according to Bullets Forever. “I just think that, instead of working out more, I did more of playing in charity events and summer leagues, when I should have been working out more. That’s the only thing I think I should have done differently, but it was a great experience going to different states and venues.”

Flip Saunders may have coached his way out of town in the nation’s capital, but it sounds like he was right about the teams lack of preparation. At the beginning of the shortened season, Flip said he thought one of the Wizards’ problems was that Wall and company played in too many summer league games. As you can see, Wall agrees.

In reality, there are several factors that have contributed to another horrendous season in Washington. Not doing enough to prepare certainly hasn’t helped.

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Reebok selling limited edition gold John Wall shoes with briefcase (Pictures)

If you’re into superstars who play on the worst teams in the NBA, Reebok is coming out with a new sneaker that you’re going to love. According to SLAM Online, Reebok will be releasing these limited-edition gold John Wall sneakers at midnight on Thursday. The package is called “Beyond the Gold” and is selling for $200. We say package because the sneakers come in a briefcase that also holds a FLUD x Reebok “Beyond the Gold” watch and a pair of John Wall-branded sunglasses.

To me, these look like something Mike Myers would have worn when he played Goldmember in the this Austin Powers movie. I’m from Holland, isn’t that veird?


John Wall says the Wizards do too much joking around before games

The Wizards are without question one of the worst teams in the NBA. Through 37 games this season, they have won back-to-back games only once. In order to have an 8-29 record, tons of things have to go wrong. After suffering a 20-point loss to the Warriors on Monday night, John Wall expressed his opinion about one of the reasons for the Wizards’ failure.

“We lost the game before we went on the court,” Wall told the Washington Times.  ”Too much joking in the locker room, too much joking through warm-ups.”

Washington coach Randy Wittman took the blame for the loss, saying that he had a sense before the game that his team wasn’t ready to play, which ultimately falls on the head coach.

This is the second time this season Wall has called out his teammates, with the first coming back in January when he said selfish play was plaguing the team. When you have guys like JaVale McGee who get benched for plays like this one and this one, it’s no surprise your team has the second-worst record in the NBA.

Wall could be one of the better point guards in the game if he had some pieces to work with, but at the moment he is stuck in a horrible situation. Guys are not taking the season seriously because it has turned into a joke. Considering it is only half over and the Wizards are showing absolutely zero signs of improvement, we can expect matters to get worse before the season ends.

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John Wall upset he was picked 12th for Rising Star Challenge: ‘It’s a joke to me’

Now that the rookies vs. sophomores game has become the Rising Star Challenge, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal have all the power in making the picks. With those two in charge, somebody has to get heated about something. John Wall has that covered. Barkley selected Wall 12th overall from a pool of 20 rookies and second-year players, and Wall reacted as though his NBA draft stock had slipped and he was going to miss out on millions of dollars.

“It’s a joke to me,” Wall said according to the Washington Post. “If they think there are 11 guys better than me, then that’s their decision. But I know what I think in my mind and all I can do is go out there and play basketball the way I know how to play.

“If they think I’m the 12th-best player out of all of those players, then that’s their decision. That’s my mindset. I know what I worked on this summer and I know what I can do on the basketball court. That’s just one game. I’m not really worried about it. It’s one game. We got more season before the all-star break and after the all-star break, and how I want to finish.”

After a slow start, Wall has picked it up as of late. However, he was not selected as a reserve for the Eastern Conference All-Star team. Part of that is likely a result of the Wizards 7-24 record, but Wall’s 16.9 points and 7.5 assists per game are not that overwhelming. More importantly, someone should remind last year’s rookie vs. sophomore MVP that the Rising Star Challenge — like the All-Star game — is merely an exhibition for the fans. The fact that Wall is that offended by being picked late proves he has a lot of growing up to do.