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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Articles tagged: Kevin Durant

NBA GMs say Kevin Durant is now more clutch than Kobe Bryant

It used to be that there was no better closer in basketball than Kobe Bryant, but then Kevin Durant came along. Put two, three or however many guys you want on Kobe and he’ll probably still score with the game on the line and the Lakers trailing by less than four points. But does Durant…Read More

Kevin Durant bulked up over the offseason

The one knock against Kevin Durant when he entered the league was that he was so skinny. There was a report from pre-draft camps that he couldn’t even bench press 185 pounds. Durant has already proven that he doesn’t need bulk to succeed in the NBA, but imagine what will happen to his game now…Read More

Kevin Durant takes the pedicure plunge (Picture)

Kevin Durant is in China on a Nike tour, so while he was on the trip, he figured he’d follow the old traveling adage of “when in Rome …” by getting a pedicure. He shared the above picture on Instagram Thursday with the caption “I did it for my dawgs(oh lawwwd).” The only positive is…Read More

Kevin Durant: Lakers have the best team in the league on paper

Championships are not won and lost on paper. That’s the beauty of sports. The Boston Red Sox can trade for an Adrian Gonzalez and sign a Carl Crawford and less than two years later both are wearing Dodger blue. But that team was supposed to win over 100 games a season and multiple titles, right?…Read More

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