LSU T-Rex guy revealed – it’s student Caleb Bates

LSU fan Caleb BatesThe guy behind LSU’s greatest moment on Saturday in Tuscaloosa has been revealed.

In case you missed it, we posted a GIF of an LSU fan who celebrated the team’s second touchdown against Alabama by doing a hilarious T. Rex move. The move was amazing for so many reasons. I mean who the heck imitates a T. Rex? Where the heck did he get that great idea? And why were the faces he made so funny? Everything about it was awesome.

Then to top off all the greatness of the viral moment, the LSU fan was mashed up with a Jurassic Park scene to create a truly amazing GIF.

Well The Times Picayune shares that the person responsible for the next great movement on the internet — T-Rexing — is an electrical engineering student at LSU named Caleb Bates.

“I wasn’t drunk,” Bates told NOLA.com | Times-Picayune. “I don’t drink. I’m a pretty crazy guy, I guess. I’m nuts.”

“My mom sent me a picture of me being on TV… I like making people laugh, so I was thinking, Oh heck, what do I do?”

Bates says that he does something different whenever LSU scores, it just so happens that the cameras caught him when he was doing the best celebration of all.

T-Rexing, man. Can you feel the movement? My cousin said he’s going to make the T-Rex his new dance move. I might have to as well.

LSU fan hilariously acts like T. Rex after touchdown (GIF)

What possessed this LSU fan to act like a T. Rex after his team scored a touchdown at the end of the first half against Alabama on Saturday, I have no idea. Maybe he just was showing everyone how he always wanted to be a dinosaur like Mr. Doback.

Who knows, who cares. This guy was hilarious. Win or lose, he was the star of the game. I mean just look at that face:

LSU fan T. Rex

Now the only thing that could make that GIF even better is by placing it into a Jurassic Park context. Observe and enjoy:

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LSU fans roasted a pig-elephant before Alabama game (Pictures)

Much like the players and coaches involved in the football game, fans are often at their best when it comes to a top matchup. LSU fans certainly did not disappoint on Saturday before the Tigers’ game against No. 1 Alabama.

Some Tigers fans in Baton Rouge had what ESPN the Magazine dubbed a “baby elephant” roasting.

Naturally, that picture caused quite the stir. But as Business Insider pointed out, the LSU fans were roasting a pig to which they added a trunk and big ears so it would look like Alabama’s mascot:

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LSU fans pin a Tiger tail on Nick Saban statue (Picture)

The most important week of the calendar year for LSU and Alabama fans has arrived, and as expected the friendly jabs are underway. As you can see from the photo above that Friends of the Program passed along, one or more LSU fans thought it would be funny to pin a tiger tail on a statue of Nick Saban at Alabama. They were right.

Over the years we have seen Alabama veterinary clinics take shots at LSU players, shirts about teabagging and LSU and Alabama players going back and forth on Twitter. Playing pin the tail on the Saban statue is another harmless prank, and as long as no trees get poisoned I think we can agree it’s all in good fun.

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LSU fan gets crazy crawfish pot groom’s cake (Picture)

Being an LSU fan is all about a select few things, and one of them is crawfish. If you don’t like crawfish, you might as well just get the hell out. As you can see from the photo above that Darren Rovell shared with us, an LSU fan recently put his pride on display with an insanely-detailed cake in the shape of a crawfish boil, complete with potatoes and corn.

Rovell says the cake belong’s to a groom, presumably as a gift for his groomsmen. I’ve never heard of a cake specifically for the groomsmen, but we’ll go with that theory in hopes that some poor bride wasn’t talked into having this as her actual wedding cake.

How does this compare with the rest of the crazy cakes we’ve featured here on LBS?

LSU R2D2 keg may be the best alcohol dispenser around (Picture)

How sick is that? Some LSU fans (we presume) created an R2D2 keg that they use at tailgates. Here we were thinking that LSU fans were only good for nonsense and shenanigans that result in dudes getting branded at tailgates. Guess we were wrong. This R2D2 keg, my friends, is some fantastic work.

H/T Kegs ‘N Eggs
Photo via Whiskey Dranks

LSU fan was branded with team logo before last year’s title game (Video)

Anyone who watches college football can tell you that SEC fans are some of the most rabid in the country, but even they can amaze us with how far they’re willing to take their loyalty sometimes. Take last year’s national title game, for example. As you can see from the video above that Outkick the Coverage shared with us, one insane fan laid face-down on a beer pong table before LSU’s loss to Alabama and allowed someone to brand him.

That’s right — brand him. As in with a burning hot iron in the shape of the letters “LSU.” We’re talking melted into his skin. We’re no strangers to LSU fans passing out in restaurants and getting teabagged after big games, but this is a first. If you thought insane tribute tattoos like this one and this one were the ultimate display of fanhood, think again. Tattoos may hurt a little, but they don’t turn your skin into liquid for a split second. This guy may be the craziest s.o.b. in the country.