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Friday, October 31, 2014

Articles tagged: LSU fans

LSU T-Rex guy revealed – it’s student Caleb Bates

The guy behind LSU’s greatest moment on Saturday in Tuscaloosa has been revealed. In case you missed it, we posted a GIF of an LSU fan who celebrated the team’s second touchdown against Alabama by doing a hilarious T. Rex move. The move was amazing for so many reasons. I mean who the heck imitates…Read More

LSU fan hilariously acts like T. Rex after touchdown (GIF)

What possessed this LSU fan to act like a T. Rex after his team scored a touchdown at the end of the first half against Alabama on Saturday, I have no idea. Maybe he just was showing everyone how he always wanted to be a dinosaur like Mr. Doback. Who knows, who cares. This guy…Read More

LSU fans roasted a pig-elephant before Alabama game (Pictures)

Much like the players and coaches involved in the football game, fans are often at their best when it comes to a top matchup. LSU fans certainly did not disappoint on Saturday before the Tigers’ game against No. 1 Alabama. Some Tigers fans in Baton Rouge had what ESPN the Magazine dubbed a “baby elephant”…Read More

LSU fans pin a Tiger tail on Nick Saban statue (Picture)

The most important week of the calendar year for LSU and Alabama fans has arrived, and as expected the friendly jabs are underway. As you can see from the photo above that Friends of the Program passed along, one or more LSU fans thought it would be funny to pin a tiger tail on a…Read More

LSU fan gets crazy crawfish pot groom’s cake (Picture)

Being an LSU fan is all about a select few things, and one of them is crawfish. If you don’t like crawfish, you might as well just get the hell out. As you can see from the photo above that Darren Rovell shared with us, an LSU fan recently put his pride on display with…Read More

LSU R2D2 keg may be the best alcohol dispenser around (Picture)

How sick is that? Some LSU fans (we presume) created an R2D2 keg that they use at tailgates. Here we were thinking that LSU fans were only good for nonsense and shenanigans that result in dudes getting branded at tailgates. Guess we were wrong. This R2D2 keg, my friends, is some fantastic work. H/T Kegs…Read More

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