A.J. McCarron dating Miss Alabama Katherine Webb?


Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron seems to be doing quite well for himself. Not only does he have the Crimson Tide in the BCS National Championship Game, but he also seems to have snagged a lovely lady in the meantime.

McCarron appears to be dating a young woman named Katherine Webb, who was Miss Alabama 2012. The two have been exchanging playful tweets for the past month, and Webb shared the above picture of the two together on Christmas Eve.

According to her profile on the Miss Universe website, Webb is a graduate of Auburn University. That probably won’t sit too well with most Crimson Tide fans.

Busted Coverage, which put it together that McCarron and Webb are dating, dug up a tweet Webb sent last month that makes it seem like she has switched allegiances.

McCarron and Webb spending the holidays together? That’s pretty serious.

Nicely done, A.J., we definitely approve. This certainly puts McCarron neck-and-neck with Johnny Manziel in the girlfriend department.

Photo credit: Twitter/Katherine Webb

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  • ticketlady

    This is NOT Miss Alabama 2012. She was Miss Alabama USA 2012. These are two completely different pageants.

    Miss Alabama is part of the Miss America System and Miss Alabama USA is part of the pageant that is run by Donald Trump. Thanks

  • bigdebla

     someones a little bit jealous. ^ did you make either one of those pageants ??

  • ticketlady

    WHAT ARE TALKING ABOUT??? I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BE JEALOUS OF. Yes, I certainly did make the Miss Alabam Pageat and have not missed one night of it for the last 31 years. I HAVE BEEN AN ACTIVE VOLUNTER FOR THE LAST 22 YEARS. Now what is your record of attendance at either pageant?

  • toprusha

    hey ticketlady im 48 and i been using the pageant since i was 12… and you do know what i mean

  • ticketlady

    Have no idea what you mean by “using the pageant” but glad you have been involved in something dealing with pageants? Which pageant system was it? God Bless

  • MyChoiceMyVoice

    Looks like a little boy being introduced to to an older mistress…weird pairing.

  • MistyMisty

    Larry Brown’s comment about AJ being neck and neck with Johnny Manziel in the girlfriend department is so pathetic and misogynistic.  Women are human beings, not trophies or possessions that are the property of men.  Maybe Mr. Brown should move to some Muslim theocracy in the middle east where he would feel more comfortable, and better able to deal with his fear of women by treating them like inanimate objects that are beneath him.