Ronaldo Spitting at Cameraman (I Think)

After Portugal was eliminated from the World Cup on Tuesday at the hands of a 1-0 defeat from Spain, their captain was understandably upset.  Cristiano Ronaldo — the highest-paid player in soccer who may or may not have dated a coke-dealing hooker at one point in his life — did not play exceptionally well throughout the tournament, scoring only one goal which was more or less a garbage goal to run up the score against North Korea.

A short video clip shows him spitting in the direction of a cameraman after the loss.  You can be the judge as to whether he was spitting on the person holding the camera or just looking directly into the lens at the time he chose to hock a loogie, but he makes it look pretty intentional.  Check out the video of Cristiano Ronaldo spitting toward or at a cameraman after Portugal lost to Spain:

Perhaps he was expressing his displeasure with the officiating throughout the World cup.  Maybe he was just clearing his throat.

Video Credit: YouTube user Ziesko69

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  • Pat

    Why did this make such a stir? He spat toward the ground, at the ground? Camera man didn’t flinch. I’d have a sour taste in my mouth if I just lost a win or go home game too?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It really is invasive when those camera guys get all up in your grill like that so I think Ronaldo got his message across.