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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Video: Dutch Soccer Fan Uses Motorized Scooter to Bump Referee

Dutch soccer team FC Oss lost to Almere City 4-3 in a second division game Friday night. An elderly fan in a motorized scooter was upset with referee Edwin van der Graaf who handed out six yellow cards to the home team, so he tried to run him over after the game. Check out this disturbing yet amusing video:

Look, the U.S. almost lost a World Cup game to Brazil because of poor calls by the referee, but does that mean the U.S. fans should have run over Jacqui Melksham with golf carts? Of course not, but these are crazy soccer fans we’re talking about. They’re the same breed of people that will bring a dead body to a game, attack a coach on the field, or shove a puppet in a star player’s face. I’m just surprised the guy in the scooter eventually backed off.

Thanks to Sports by Brooks Live for the story

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