Video: Manu Ginobili Smooches with Ian Mahinmi on Spurs Kiss Cam

Manu Ginobili returned to the Spurs on Wednesday after missing 19 games with an ankle injury. It wasn’t much of a return considering he went 1-7 from the field, but it was still a welcome addition to a team that needed the spark. Well, on Tuesday night Ginobili was sitting behind the Spurs’ bench in a suit, rooting on his team. I was watching the game on TV but obviously missed this hilarious moment. Ginobili got picked for the kiss cam, sharing the screen with teammate Ian Mahinmi. Check out the hilarity that ensued:

Who said the master flopper didn’t have any personality?! The Spurs are all about the surprises. And Manu better get his game sharp because he looked awful on Wednesday. They’re going to need him at his best if they’re going to have a prayer at knocking off the Lakers, otherwise they’ll be crushed.

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  • Jeff J

    It looks like Mahinmi is actually trying to move his hand away….I’m just saying.

  • Gene

    Manu looked very good on Friday night, but then again, it was only the Clippers.

  • jt24

    Mahinmi looks at Ginobili “so what you gonna do?”
    Ginobili turns to Mahinmi
    Mahinmi: “oh hell no!”
    guy in the back: “nice”

  • http://sportsremix.net Waseem


    Manu is one of the most under rated players in the NBA. Not just because of his skill but because hes an all around good guy. He’s also a good role model for kids. Just last night he blocked Kevin Durant. http://sportsremix.net/sports-news/ginobilis-block-on-durant-and-26-points-lead-spurs-past-thunder/