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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Herb Pope Gets Two Nut Shots in on Texas Tech’s Darko Cohadarevic

There must be something about balls, groins, and nuts on Tuesday because they seem to be everywhere. First, it was Steve Nash making a video of his balls in everyone’s face. As if that wasn’t enough, Texas Tech’s NIT win over Seton Hall was marred yet assisted by a few low blows from Pirates forward Herb Pope who decided to take a few nut shots at Texas Tech forward Darko Cohadarevic. Check out Pope punching Cohadarevic in the groin not once, but twice, in successive possessions. Here is the Seton Hall/Texas Tech Herb Pope nut shot video:

Here’s the best part, not only did the referees think Darko was faking it, but Cohadarevic said he actually liked it, “He just took a swing,” Cohadarevic said. “He just tried to win a game in the heat of the game and play hard, maybe a little dirty, but I like that.” I’m sure you like the competitive nature of the game but you could do without the nut shots. Everyone could.

Red Raiders floor Seton Hall in NIT [Lubbock Avalanche Journal]

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