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Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Philip Rivers raises serious concerns about his future after latest brutal game

Philip Rivers

You won’t find us saying that Philip Rivers is washed up, not a year after he enjoyed arguably the best season of his career. However, it’s 2019 now and a new season, and Rivers has not come close to reproducing the Hall of Fame-level play he showed last season, raising serious concerns about his future.

Rivers was intercepted four times in Monday night’s 24-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Mexico City. For the second straight game, Rivers threw multiple interceptions and was picked off on his final pass of the game as he was trying to lead his Los Angeles Chargers to a comeback win.

Rivers went 28-for-52 for 353 yards with a touchdown and four picks. He fumbled once, but his team recovered the ball. The team had a few drops, while the offense’s plan seemed to be having Rivers heave the ball into traffic and hoping his receiver would come down with the ball. He didn’t see Tyrann Mathieu on an interception that led to Kansas City’s first touchdown of the game. The way he was picked off on that play was reminiscent of what happened in the loss to the Raiders when Erik Harris got him three times, though the third interception was negated by a penalty.

Rivers appears to be telegraphing passes. When he’s not doing that, he’s getting fooled by coverages, according to ESPN analyst Booger McFarland. He also was sloppy in getting balls batted down at the line of scrimmage or even throwing balls into his lineman’s head.

Rivers has been outright bad and costing the Chargers the last few games. He’s up to 14 picks in 11 games thanks to his seven interceptions in their last two losses. The 14 interceptions puts him second in the league behind only Jameis Winston.

The combination of facing the Raiders on the road in a short week and then heading to Mexico City was tough, but Rivers’ stretch really could not have gone worse. He needs to improve his play rapidly to show that he’s not done as a successful quarterback in this league. He’s been able to defy age — he turns 38 next month — but he has not looked good this season — especially the last two weeks.

Alex Smith’s wife shares video of QB’s progress from leg injury a year later

Alex Smith

Exactly one year ago on November 18, Alex Smith suffered a nasty broken leg in his Washington Redskins’ game against the Houston Texans. The injury was severe, as some horrific details from the incident showed.

Beyond the broken bones from a spiral fracture, Smith also was treated for an infection. All together, he ended up undergoing an astounding 17 surgeries.

The quarterback has overcome a lot and is able to run and carry weights, even though the injury caused him to miss all of the 2019 season on top of the remainder of the 2018 season.

Smith’s wife Liz shared a video on Instagram Monday that showed how far the quarterback has come from his injury. Take a look:

Smith still has three years left on his contract. Washington drafted Dwayne Haskins in the first round this year, and added Case Keenum on top of a group that also includes Colt McCoy. They have prepared for a future that may not include Smith, even though he appears to be doing what he can to see if he can continue his playing career.

Tua Tagovailoa hip injury recovery timeline revealed

Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa’s recovery timeline from his hip injury has been revealed.

Tagovailoa suffered a dislocated hip and fracture in Alabama’s win over Mississippi State on Saturday. He underwent surgery in Houston on Monday, and the prognosis for his recover is said to be excellent.

According to information shared by ESPN reporters Adam Schefter and Laura Rutledge, Tagovailoa will be rehabbing daily in Tuscaloosa and be on a partial weight bearing recovery plan for six weeks. He will be able to begin athletic activity again in three months. He should be able to begin throwing again in the spring.

Tagovailoa has another season of eligibility left in college and has the option to return to Alabama for his senior season next fall. He can also enter the NFL Draft, where he would still likely be a high draft pick despite coming off the injury.

For now, the Crimson Tide quarterback is probably just happy that things seem much better than they could have been, especially when people were comparing his injury to Bo Jackson’s career-ending one.

Tyreek Hill suffers right hamstring injury, heads to locker room

Tyreek Hill gave Kansas City Chiefs fans a scare on Monday night.

Hill came up limping after going deep on a 3rd-and-20 play in the first quarter of the Chiefs’ game against the Los Angeles Chargers in Mexico City. He was grabbing at his right hamstring as he limped off the field.

When ESPN’s telecast returned from commercial, they showed a video clip of Hill lying on a table getting his right hamstring worked on.

The Chiefs wide receiver later headed to the locker room.

Hill entered the game with 33 catches for 543 and five touchdowns on the season. A dynamic playmaker, Hill scored 14 touchdowns last season. This season he showed off his truly elite speed on a teammate’s touchdown.

Bill Belichick is not interested in Rob Gronkowski’s big announcement

Bill Belichick

Rob Gronkowski is teasing a big announcement, and that has many New England Patriots fans in a frenzy wondering if he may be ready to announce a comeback.

Bill Belichick is not in a frenzy. He is in the total opposite of a frenzy.

Belichick was asked Monday — presumably tongue-in-cheek — if he would be monitoring social media for the big announcement Gronkowski teased earlier in the day. Belichick’s response was more or less exactly what you would expect.

Classic Belichick. It helps that, if Gronk were actually planning a comeback, the Patriots coach would surely know about it already. Judging by Tom Brady’s recent comments, it’s pretty clear that there’s no expectation of it happening, so Belichick can go on with his preparation without having to worry about whatever Gronk is up to.

Antonio Brown hints Eagles should sign him after poor offensive performance

Antonio Brown

The Philadelphia Eagles looked horrendous on offense in Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots. A lot of that had to do with them going up against arguably the best defense in the NFL, but Philly is also hurting at wide receiver. Not surprisingly, Antonio Brown wants to help.

With DeSean Jackson on injured reserve and Alshon Jeffery battling an ankle injury, several Eagles fans took to Instagram on Sunday calling for the team to sign Brown. The seven-time Pro Bowler shared a bunch of the posts on his own IG story.

Brown is essentially in limbo at the moment. He met with NFL investigators last week to discuss the sexual assault allegations against him, but there has still been no indication of when the NFL will make a ruling or how severe the disciplinary action might be.

There is a wide-ranging belief that the NFL is trying to prevent Brown from signing with a team this season in order to sort the situation out completely. Even if a team did sign Brown, the league could still place him on the commissioner’s exempt list and essentially suspend him with pay. That is why Brown has expressed frustration and unloaded on the NFL via social media, but that isn’t going to get him signed any quicker. It’s extremely unlikely that the Eagles or any other team will consider bringing him in before the offseason.

Roger Goodell weighs in on how league will judge Myles Garrett

Roger Goodell

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made his first public comments on Myles Garrett’s actions and suspension recently, and gave a glimpse of what it will take for the defensive lineman to be reinstated.

Goodell appeared on “Pre-Flight Playbook with Gary Myers” after Garrett’s indefinite suspension was announced, and said the league would be looking at how remorseful Garrett is when it comes time to consider his reinstatement.

“There’s no place for that in the game,” Goodell said, via Mary Kay Cabot of cleveland.com. “He will not play the rest of the season. He will probably meet with us some time in the offseason, and I think we’ll make a judgment on does he have remorse?

“Does he understand why it’s not acceptable? Do we understand what he’s going to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Those are the things that are going to be very important for us.”

Garrett assaulted Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph with a helmet last Thursday. In addition to being violent and way over the line, it was a bad look for the NFL, which will always concern Goodell. The commissioner made these remarks before Garrett revealed he would appeal, and his defense is more procedural than anything else. It’s not something that sounds like it would move Goodell, but it’s also not his call.