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Sunday, March 26, 2017


Josh Gordon reportedly ‘doubtful’ to get another chance with Browns

Josh Gordon has once again applied for NFL reinstatement, but the star wide receiver is likely going to have to find a new team if his ban is lifted this offseason.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain dealer was told by a source that the Browns will likely try to trade Gordon and could even release him if he is granted reinstatement. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to make a decision within the next month or so.

Gordon has already had several chances to straighten his act out in Cleveland, and he continues to show the team he cannot remain on the right path. The 25-year old has been suspended for 43 of the Browns’ last 48 games, and he most recently checked himself into rehab back in September after continuing to struggle with alcohol addiction. Gordon was in line to have his four-game suspension lifted prior to what was described as a “slip-up” at the time.

Gordon failed multiple drug tests for marijuana while in college at Baylor prior to being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2012. The issue continued in the NFL, where he has violated the league’s substance abuse policy on multiple occasions. Gordon was arrested in 2014 for driving while impaired and has been suspended more than once.

Interestingly enough, Gordon checked himself into a rehab facility the same day he received the results of a paternity test he was nearly arrested over.

Michael Irvin rips Texans for not trading for Tony Romo

Tony Romo

Michael Irvin thinks the Houston Texans have made a huge mistake by not trading for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Irvin appeared on Tiki and Tierney on CBS Sports Radio Thursday and was highly critical of the Texans for refusing to make the move now.

“If I’m a fan of the Houston Texans, I’m protesting so much right now,” Irvin said. “What are you doing? You mean to tell me you can throw $72 million at Brock Osweiler … but come back and say, ‘We’re not going to offer anything for Tony Romo’? Are you joking? Are you joking? Just say, ‘Hey, take a fifth-round draft pick. Take a fourth-round draft pick.’ Throw out something. Let everybody know that you’re trying.”

Irvin rejected the explanation that Houston can just wait for the Cowboys to release Romo and give up nothing.

“We’re not talking about basic principles; we’re talking winning championships right now,” Irvin said. “You’re not going to pick him up (in free agency). You’re going to (have to) fight for him. This is mind-boggling. I can’t imagine what the fans in Houston are thinking right now. I would be going crazy. You can’t come up with a fifth-round draft pick? It blows my mind.”

The Texans have made clear that they won’t trade for Romo, and there’s no guarantee a fifth-round pick would be enough to get it done. Ultimately, everyone is just waiting until the Cowboys give in and release him.

Bruce Arians needed surgery thanks to Larry Fitzgerald hug

On occasion, you will come across a player or coach who is so fired up after a big play that the commentators might joke that someone is going to need treatment due to the intensity of the high fives or embraces.

For Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, that actually happened.

According to Kent Somers of AZCentral, Arians recently underwent surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. He suffered the injury thanks to a particularly enthusiastic hug from wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald after the Cardinals defeated the Seattle Seahawks on Christmas Eve.

“It’s all Fitz’s fault, he caused the whole thing,” Arians said earlier in the week. “It’s going to cost him.”

The price, apparently, will be a new car.

“It’s going to be a get-well convertible,” Arians said. “I’m still deciding what kind.”

Fitzgerald said earlier in the season, when Arians was battling some health issues, that Cardinals players felt responsible. We’re guessing this isn’t exactly what he meant.

Adrian Peterson makes statement, says it is ‘not all about the money’

Adrian Peterson

Free agent running back Adrian Peterson used Twitter to try to silence the various reports indicating that his high financial demands are the reason he still doesn’t have a job.

Peterson wrote on Twitter Friday evening that he’s unsigned because he hasn’t found the best fit for his talents and a team that can contend for a Super Bowl title.

This is clearly a direct response to this report that was meant to explain Peterson’s lack of appeal to teams thus far. Realistically, money is probably a factor. The running back market in general hasn’t taken off, and it’s understandable that the 32-year-old Peterson has received little interest.

Johnny Manziel training with quarterback guru for NFL comeback

Johnny Manziel

The Johnny Manziel publicity tour is in full swing as he tries for an NFL comeback.

Just on Thursday there was a report that Manziel talked about an NFL return with New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton. A day later, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler wrote about Manziel’s comeback, noting that the free agent quarterback is living in San Diego and working out with noted quarterbacks coach George Whitfield.

Both of these details are not new to those who have been following Manziel on social media. Most of his Snapchat and Instagram activity happens around the San Diego area, where Whitfield is based.

MIRROR MIRROR . Another week down @georgewhitfieldjr @qbshooter

A post shared by Johnny Manziel (@jmanziel2) on

In the past when he was a college quarterback, Manziel would often train with Whitfield in San Diego.

Whitfield has also trained notable names like Andrew Luck, Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger.

Though Manziel is working on an NFL comeback and has some help from a publicist who’s trying to convince everyone he’s serious this time, we remain skeptical. Let’s not forget that this is the same player who supposedly skipped his previous team’s final game of the season to go to Las Vegas, where he dressed up in a disguise.

Jets GM will not guarantee Josh McCown as starting quarterback

Josh McCown

Josh McCown will probably be the New York Jets’ starting quarterback, but it’s not a pronunciation the team is quite prepared to make.

Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan voiced his faith in McCown, but wouldn’t name him the starter, leaving that to coach Todd Bowles.

Of course, we’ve heard that the Jets really want to make things work with this young quarterback, but by all accounts he’s nowhere near ready to start. This is just the Jets leaving their options open. McCown will almost certainly start when the season begins.

Richard Sherman believes Colin Kaepernick has been blackballed by NFL

Colin Kaepernick

If you think Colin Kaepernick is being deliberately ignored by NFL general managers, you’re not alone.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman told ESPN First Take on Friday that he thinks Kaepernick is being blackballed, as his level of play doesn’t merit being unsigned.

“I’m sure he is,” Sherman said, via Sheil Kapadia of ESPN. “It’s difficult to see because he’s played at such a high level, and you see guys, quarterbacks, who have never played at a high level being signed by teams. So it’s difficult to understand. Obviously he’s going to be in a backup role at this point. But you see quarterbacks, there was a year Matt Schaub had a pretty rough year and got signed the next year. So it has nothing to do with football. You can see that. They signed guys who have had off years before.

“You don’t have 32 starting-level quarterbacks in this league. You have about eight elites, and then you have the rest of the league. You have about eight, nine elite quarterbacks. You have two or three who have the potential to be elite. And then you have the rest of the teams. So he could play and start on a ton of teams in this league. He would be a starter on probably 20 of the teams in this league. But you’re telling me that you’re going to let other guys, you’re going to pick up some of these other guys and tell me that they’re starters?”

There’s definitely some agreement among NFL players that Kaepernick isn’t unsigned for lack of talent. The controversy surrounding his political stances is likely the primary thing working against him.

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